Stephen Tures

Who am I?

Raised in El Paso, spent 13 years in San Francisco, returned to El Paso.

Work for this company, doing IT and later Videoconferencing engineering.

I've written, recorded, engineered, mastered, performed, etc lots of music with the following groups (in order of newest to oldest):

Moody, textural electronic music, 2002-Current

Responsibilities: Write, Perform, Record, Master.

Electronic / Rock three piece with Sean Keating and George Strompolos, 2007-2010

Responsibilities: Bass and Keyboards, Engineering and Production

Post-something Punk / Rock - 2005-2007

Responsibilities: Guitar, Songwriting, Engineering

Punk / Rock / Post-something - specialized in playing demolition parties, 2004-2005

Responsibilities: bass guitar, engineering


Solo Project: High School and College

Responsibilities: Write, Perform, Record, Master.

I occasionally take photos (including places), do remixes, master albums, do soundtrack work, drink fancy beer, visit the outdoors, play the occasional videogame, post the occasional video, and whatever else sounds like fun.

I'm married to Angela Tures, with an awesome daughter Anya and two troublemaking cats.