Pricing For MX

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Valve Clearance Check


adjustments extra

Clutch Plate Change

$ 25

Muffler Repacking

$ 20

must purchase packing, parts extra

Bleed Brakes

$ 20 ea

plus fluid

Tire Changes

$25 per wheel

Ice Tire Changes

$30 per wheel

Fork Oil Change

$ 55 per fork plus oil and any needed parts

Shock Oil Change

$ 100 plus oil and any needed parts

Engine Oil And Filter Change

$ 20 plus oil and filter

Wheel Truing

$ 20 minimum

Wheel Lacing

$ 60 minimum

Wheel Bearings

$ 15 install and remove old bearings

with purchase of new bearings

Complete Carb Cleaning

Starting at $ 75

includes disassemble, asembly, cleaning of all jets, and inspection of parts

Linkage and Swingarm Greasing

Starting at$ 80

includes cleaning of bearings and re-greasing

parts extra

Steering Head Greasing

$ 50

includes cleaning of bearings and regreasing

parts extra

Top End Rebuilds

Starting at $ 160

Bottom End Rebuilds with Top end Rebuild

Starting at $ 280

Prices subject to change without notice. Please ask in advance to confirm pricing is up to date