An avid cyclist with a passion for travel, Steven Dombrowski has always been an active individual. Now, he’s focusing the energy of his passion into a productive effort that benefits cancer awareness.

Cycling & Marathon Training

Steven Dombrowski Cyclist

Adventurous by nature, Steven Dombrowski began cycling as an exciting way to see new places. It wasn’t long before the cyclist started to push his limits by dedicating himself to challenging rides. Joined by a longtime friend, Dombrowski set out on his first ever challenge journey. The route, which stretched over 1,500 miles, took the two cyclists from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California. The ride would prove to be a worthy adversary, with twists, turns and tests acting as checkpoints along the way. Together, Dombrowski and his friend completed their cycling adventure in 40 days.

Always in motion, the cycling adventures certainly didn’t stop once the pair arrived in San Diego! Dombrowski is now training for cycling events with a clear goal in mind: cycling for a cure.

Cycling for a Cure

After suffering the tragic loss of a family member to cancer, Steven Dombrowski found his cycling’s ultimate purpose: cancer awareness. He’s currently training to participate in cycling and marathon events that benefit charities and nonprofits. A pastime turned passion, this cyclist is fueled by a goal to raise awareness in any way that he can.

Steven Dombrowski is gearing up for a variety of nonprofit competitions. An advocate who believes that no cause is too small, he constantly seeks out both local and national initiatives. Recently, Dombrowski has become interested in supporting Pablove Across America, a bike ride that benefits pediatric cancer research and awareness efforts.

Steven Dombrowski Cancer Awareness
Steven Dombrowski Pablove Across America

Organized by The Pablove Foundation, PAA is a demonstration of the initiative’s overall goal. Backed by the slogan “fighting childhood cancer with love,” Pablove’s platform is one of positivity and compassion. Pablove Across America’s checkpoints wind around Lake Tahoe, with the route beginning in South Lake Tahoe and arriving in Los Angeles. Continuing with Pablove’s universal message of love and compassion, the event takes into consideration the health of its participants. Riders are provided with individualized training plans, coaching regimens and nutritious meals.

Steven Dombrowski is excited to train for PAA and similar events. It is his hope that through his participation in charity races, he can help to get the conversation and cures in motion!