practice is the point

Dear Artist ,


I have been invited by Michael Strand to participate in an exhibition titled The Practice is the Point at the Fargo Museum of Art in Fargo, ND.


As I see it, "The Practice is the Point" is a ceramics-focused exhibition celebrating the incredible potential and versatility of our medium. With the exhibition exploring how this group of incredible artists (Eddie Dominguez, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Ayumi Horie, Amber Ginsburg, Meg Roberts, Brett Kern, Julia Galloway, Paul Wong, and Cannupa Hanska) and myself approach our professional practices, and our influence on community development and cultural enrichment.  This exhibition is sure to showcase a wide range of ceramic artworks while sharing the stories of the artists and the communities in which we live. 


I would like to invite you to participate and have an integral part in the exhibition. The deadline for delivery of the bowls to me is September 27, so time is short.  If you are interested, please sign up by filling out this short form.   And/Or . . . read on!!


Our piece, entitled Empty Bowls, will explore the broader implications of artistic practices on community and culture, with a specific emphasis on the ceramic bowl as a way to affect change regarding food insecurity. My hope is it will highlight how the clay community around the country, and possibly the world, has an unwavering dedication to their craft and their community while facilitating change, whether it be locally or globally.


I’m inviting artists from diverse backgrounds to submit between 5 and 20 ceramic bowls for the exhibition with the goal of gathering a collection of over 1,000 cereal sized bowls, representing a broad spectrum of styles, techniques, and artistic visions.  All with the goal of feeding people.  But please note, these can be “simple” well-crafted bowl forms.  These bowls will be installed by myself and Michael’s students in the museum.


Please feel free to invite anyone who you think might have interest in participating, including students (Who might want to add an exhibition to their resume!).


In addition to the exhibition, I am eager to collaborate with the three universities in Fargo, North Dakota, to kickstart an "Empty Bowls" event.  This initiative aligns perfectly with the exhibition's theme and aims to raise awareness about local hunger issues. 


It also aligns with the 2024 NCECA Annual: Rendered Fusion: Clay, Connection, Attention.   I have already applied for the NCECA Annual with our piece. So, after the exhibition, if accepted, I will drive the bowls to Richmond, VA, for NCECA. 


Most importantly, after both exhibitions, ALL bowls will be donated to an Empty Bowl Event in Fargo, ND, or wherever else bowls might be needed. 


While “The Practice is the Point" promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition, exploring the intersections of ceramics, professional practice, community, and culture, I think Empty Bowls will captivate visitors visually while sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring community engagement; perhaps even in your community.


Again . . . The deadline for delivery of the bowls to me is September 27, so time is short.  If you are interested, please sign up by filling out this short form


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note or call.


Warmest Regards!