My Photography

For as long as I can remember I have taken photos, on a number of different cameras, but of late its with my mobile phone and a Nikon D7500

My previous three phones were Apple iPhones, great for taking general photos, but sadley lacking when I tried the long range stuff, so my first purchase and still in my bag was a Cannon Coolpix L810 But a trip to Antarctica showed me I needed to progress, so I went out and purchased a Nikon D7500, plus two detachable lenses, now I am in another learning phase, all those settings, and auto is so good.

A lot of my better photos I have listed within Flickr, all are tagged and catalogued. I left Flickr alone for a while, but now Smug Mug is the owner I am back adding photos.

I intend to add some of my photos as specific interest areas, so keep a watch as I add and sort, and most of all learn about photography.