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Casino Man (3:17)

Lady Luck smiles on him

Deals the cards, guides Roulette wheel spins

He enjoys craps and can

Impress the ladies as Casino Man

High rollers wait for him

He may lose but more often wins

All of his drinks are on the house

A woman for each day, none are his spouse

He knows someday it will end

You can’t always trust that you’ll win

But until someone ends his hand

He enjoys the perks of being Casino Man

(The following verses sung as a round)

Orlando and Disney

Jesus and Constantine

One needs the other

Or why would we bother?

The world is in our brain

Not thinking keeps us sane

A new year is nigh

Expectations are sky high

Readings and liturgies

Reflect absurdities

Interstellar Bar (2:03)

Hey baby let us fly past Mars

Slow night, so let’s reach for the stars

We won't tell anyone where we are

We will stop by an

Interstellar bar

Maybe bring a coat and some gloves

Cold out there we don’t wanna freeze

I’m sure the bar you're gonna love

How about an

Orion daiquiri?

Just get me home before it's late

The Deneb bus will take us far

Through the window view the Milky Way

And catch a glimpse of an

Interstellar bar

Goddess of Mine (1:07)

I needed a miracle

to pull me through

Then out of nowhere

I met you

Through it all

You’ve been at my side

With the tough love

I needed to survive

Your pictures get better and better

All the time

Just more proof

You are a goddess of mine

You are my everything

And blanket of security

Thank you

For taking good care of me

Southern Nevada (1:09)

I’m walking down the Strip

Though I ain’t no gambling man

The slots are calling, I admit

Gonna win some if I can

I’m freezing head to feet

But it's Christmas so it don't matter

Paris and New York on the same street

I’m home in Southern Nevada

Got pot? Oh yeah I do!

And gas and electric and a book

Lovin MGM and Bellagio, too

More blocks ahead, I’m hooked!

The Strat, standing oh so tall

I can vacuum my car for free

I don't look back at all

To the old Willoughby

Tactical Crap (2:20)

I need that desk lamp

Oh yeah, it’s in bubble wrap

which box, space is so cramped

Getting tired of this tactical crap

I picked a helluva week

To get back on track

But the booze I can’t even sneak

Somewhere in them boxes, it's packed

Called up Dan’s

moving vans

Dan says “Sorry, man”

“All booked up, no can”

Hotels too, full and crammed

Just try calling, lines are jammed

So what's the plan?

KOA or roadside fruit stand?

Tactical crap

Boxes, tape, and yet magic flows

Tactical crap

Free as a bird, no mortgage, no worries

And no place to go