My name is Stefano Vidussi, and I am a mathematician. My area of research is Topology, and I am Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Riverside. 

I enjoy what I do, and I hope that one day I will be good at it.

Jo 'o soi furlan, e il gno non in marilenghe al è Scjefin Vidùs. La me famee 'e ven di Cussignà, un paîs dongje Udin, là ch'a an vivût al mancul dal XIV secul. 

If I were a musician, I'd wish to have composed  The World's Biggest Paving Slab.

If I were a writer, I'd be delighted to have written À rebours (tout en évitant de choisir entre la bouche d'un pistolet et les pieds de la croix).  

If I were a soldier, I'd be (still!) in the First Rifle Company of the First Regiment of Grenadier Guards.

If I were a poet, I'd wish to list Une Saison en Enfer in my bibliography. 

If I were an architect, I'd like to claim the Kaufmann Desert House as my major achievement. 

If I were a good topologist, I'd like to prove that the fundamental group of an aspherical algebraic surface is virtually the HNN extension of a f.g. group. 

If I were a really good topologist, I'd be able to decide whether there exist aspherical 4-manifolds that admit infinitely many smooth structures.