This is the most recent version of the PFH which includes Preloaded Rosters and Season Schedules from 1950 to 2020 (05 - 13 - 2021) Windows Update Patch

Tutorial Videos @ APBAFoootballReplays

Dave Gardner shows how to setup a Season

Made only for the 2001 XFL ......(10-07-18)

Contains all XFL Rosters and Same functions as the PFH

Made only for the 2001 XFL ......(12-22-18)

These are in Excel Format and can be printed and cut on 2 pages. Created by me.....Enjoy!!

If you are using the Pro Football Helper then you will

love using the FAC program that goes along with it for

smooth, fast Football games!! (Created by Tom Milne)

Another program by Tom Milne (Creator of the PFH) for recording Stats and Generating Boxscores. This will work with any Hockey Game!

Creates Box Scores and FAC's are built in. Now with updated FAC's by Dave Gardner of Digital to Dice Podcast.


Program Created by Tom Milne