National Association of State Archaeologists

About NASA

Welcome to the National Association of State Archaeologists web site. This site provides a directory of State Archaeologists for the United States and its possessions. State Archaeologists can answer questions regarding laws, procedures, current research, educational programs, and other aspects of archaeology for each state and possession. Many State Archaeologists can be contacted by email, and some State Archaeologists maintain their own web pages which can be reached through this site. To obtain a complete list of State Archaeologists, follow the link below. Thanks for visiting!

Purpose of the Organization

To facilitate communication among State Archaeologists and thereby to contribute to the conservation of cultural resources and to the solution of problems in the profession. Consensus views of NASA will be communicated to governmental agencies and organizations concerned with management of cultural resources. Ethics and standards adopted by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (formerly known as the Society of Professional Archeologists or SOPA) will be observed by members of NASA.


Membership in NASA shall be limited to the official State Archaeologist of each state and possession of the United States. In states and possessions where there is no statutory State Archaeologist or where the statutory State Archaeologist has informed NASA in writing that he/she does not wish to participate in NASA, an archaeologist employed by the state may be designated by the SHPO or, in the absence of such an appointment, by a [state] Council of Archaeologists to participate in NASA. Membership is limited to one representative per state and possession. Annual dues shall be $25.00, payable on or before January 1 of each year.