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The StarT programme is a Finnish initiative, launched and organized by the LUMA Centre Finland. The national StarT office in Lithuania is Kauno Santaros gimnazija. We will nominate the national 2 best project 1 best practice for the international StarT competition.

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StarT competition 2022

RadviliSkis GraZina Basic School

Kaunas PetraSiunai Progimnasium

Kaunas Panemune primary school

StarT 2022 competition!

The online registration to the competition is open from 3rd of January to 11th of February.

In StarT students carry out interdisciplinary projects related to science, technology or mathematics, and teachers get support for the implementation of interdisciplinary and collaborative project-based learning. We share and award the most distinguished students' projects and teachers' best educational practices annually to spread innovations made in classrooms around the world.

Teachers and students: join us in sharing the joy of collaborative learning! . As a member of the international StarT community, with more than 50 participating countries since 2016, you get to benefit from our materials, trainings and awards for students and teachers – welcome along!

Reporting the StarT - projects and best practices in Lithuania for international StarT competition in Finland


Reporting the StarT-projects

Reporting the StarT best practices

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StarT Projects 2020-2021

Klaipėdos lopšelis-darželis „Vyturėlis“ auk. R. Drūkteinienė."Me and nature or is it a problem?"

Klaipėdos Martyno Mažvydo progimnazija, mok. A. Česnelis. Robotics in our lives.

Biržų lopšelis-darželis „Drugelis“, auk. D. Džuvaitė, D. Paušaitė, D. Greviskaitė, R. Klepickienė, S. Kraujutienė. Matematika kitaip.

Šiaulių lopšelis-darželis „Pasaka“, auk. L. Bajoriūnė ir M. Visockienė. Yellow, green, red.

Šiaulių lopšelis-darželis „Pasaka“, auk. L. Bajoriūnė ir M. Visockienė. STEAM in Fairy tales.

Gargždų „Vaivorykštės“ gimnazija mok. Rimantas Raudys, mok. G. Aliulienė, mok. J. Gerulskienė, mok. J. Višinskienė. Bioplastic production from fruit peels.

StarT Best educational practices 2020-2021

Alytaus lopšelis-darželis „Girinukas“, auk. D. Valackienė. Let's know the numbers.

Gargždų „Vaivorykštės“ gimnazija, mok. R. Raudys, mok. G. Aliulienė, mok. J. Gerulskienė, mok. J. Višinskienė. FullBioplastic.

Radviliškio Gražinos pagrindinė mokykla, mok. G. Dumskienė.Virtual Ecoevent: Let‘s Make a Reusable Face Mask.

Reporting the StarT-projects and best practices must be done by 14th of February 2021 at the latest!


Contact person:

Rasa Pranckūnienė

tel. +37064035130

Kaunas Santaros gymnasium,

Baltų pr. 51,

LT-48239 Kaunas


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