Dawn Redwood Grove

Mission Accomplished 2023!

There is a swath of land just southwest of the bandstand which has been bare for almost a decade now due to a mini tornado, or vortex, that swept through the park and destroyed a number of trees. In conjunction with Manchester's City Arborist/Parks and Recreation Director, Kelly Koetsier, the Friends of Stark Park are excited have created a Dawn Redwood Grove! 

A Big thank you to the city for installing irrigation which will keep these trees thriving for generations! 

Why Dawn Redwoods?

  In a state so famous for it's beautiful fall colors, the Dawn Redwood is a perfect fit! The dawn redwood may surprise you, as it is actually a deciduous tree rather than an evergreen, which you may think it is at first glance. This means that it sheds its leaves in the fall and is bare in winter. It's fall color and beautiful bark combined with it's stately height make it a regal addition to the park!

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