F.R.E.E.T.H. Score

An alternate proposal to the monstrous controls from the Socialist/Tyrannical/Fascist ESG Score.

>Who doesn't love the environment?

>But trusting socialist and communist governments, the biggest polluters in history, to shepherd them is unrealistic.

>Social control is another way of saying 'selective genocide.'

>The FREE market is why the USA consistently leads in pollution reduction among all nations, big or small. Let's keep it free!


  • Freedom

  • Fiscally Sound

  • Foundationally Grounded


  • Responsibility

  • Real Conservation

  • Resiliency

  • Reliability


  • Economic

  • Equality of Opport.

  • Encourage


  • Engineering

  • Energy Solutions Oriented


  • Tough-Minded

  • Thoughtful

  • Trouble Resolving

  • Timely


  • Holistic

  • Helpful (not only in theory)

  • Humanist

  • Harmless

Expansion & Vision

F: F stands for freedom, but it's much more than that. With power comes responsibility. The primary responsibility is to one another, and this means a good company with good services and products, available at an affordable cost, to people without discrimination (including proactive discrimination that creates hierarchies and stratifies or imbalances the playing field, manipulatively). Socialism and its offspring, Critical Theory imagine a world where an Asian person should be discriminated against in a competitive situation, based upon that criteria alone. This is illegal, and unfair. It is only one form of this. There is no room in a FREE society for these hierarchies, which have been used historically for genocide and population control. FREETH will benefit companies that use it and punish those that discriminate with harsh FREETH penalties. The Public will see these scores in reports, and know the company discriminates based on sex, race, age, color, creed, ethnicity, health, or political affiliation. These scores will never include individuals, but only companies. Because: corporations are not individuals.

Additionally, everything a high FREETH scoring company does, shall be grounded in a solid foundation. The company will decide this. A good bottom line and options/benefits is not a solid foundation. God does not respect money. The foundation needs to be something more real while retaining fiscal responsibility.

R: Responsibility is the most important word in the FREETH lexicon. Freedoms practiced without this, end in criminal and civil penalties. One needs to be mature to be free.

One of those responsibilities, it is clear, is to bring real conservation to the environmental-business interactional spaces. An ESG score encourages phoney "green" lip-service, and back-biting between NGOs and companies. As a result, forests burn in the name of "wood gas" power, and reckless photovoltaic solar, HAWT wind, and old style nuclear plants continue to be produced, despite their dangers. The Electric Car, as is, is worse for the environment than better alternatives. Therefore we need to responsibly leave a better planet than what we inherited. Nothing in this is about Carbon Dioxide or carbon taxes. It's about real solutions which will win the market over, and stop the niche of "you're cool if..."

Meanwhile, the world needs to be self-reliant, and that means resiliency. COVID taught the world that the supply chain is too focused on consumerism in the West, and it is at the expense of other cultures and the Earth. It is also bad for national security. Worse of all, it has encouraged cheap, unreliable products which fill up the world with valuable resources that could have been reliably used for centuries. Not only Helium and precious rare metals, but plastics, foams, etc. Even nutrients and water. This has to stop.

E: The economic impact of changes, scores, and ideas needs to be explored/sandboxed before destroying an economic environment that supports thousands, millions, and billions of people. The global lockdown starved more children than people saved in all of COVID. This is a tragedy, and a selfish one at that. We can do better.

We have to have courage, and therefore we must encourage the expansion of equal opportunities and avoid pre-set ideals or "equity" solutions which bias sides and polarize people, causing strife and even civil war. The only equity that matters beyond that in the company books, is "sweat equity." Companies must be punitively discouraged if they destroy communities that built them up in order to move far away and compete with them. They must be promoted and encouraged if they bring back pensions, incentives, and even gifts and perks to management, employees, and families of companies.

E: Engineering is a science all its own. Engineering is a philosophy, too. Engineered societies help people, solve problems, and avoid most entanglements of unethical behaviors by sticking to what is known, and real, in order to >>help people<<. There is no greater engineering challenge a any time than how to manage energy. Energy development, growth, equitable distribution, flow, maintenance, and conservation (especially for dangerous situations) is a primary concern to humanity. As such, whether you are a clothing retailer, a fast food chain, a gas station, or a mom-n-pop stand or small family owned clinic, energy is a concern. It goes beyond oil (and politics) into fabrics, money, HVAC, plumbing, electricity, wifi, internet, media, and access in general. Does your company handle those six factors well, or not?

T: tough-mindedness is good for the times when things get lean. Thinking in general can prevent many well-intentioned disasters. It isn't easy to anticipate the future. Operations Research is an ongoing field, and its cousin Data Analytics is all too susceptible to anti-FREETH ideas, like Big Data harvesting without ethics. The simple fact is that the times are tough, and so we must encourage not softness and people responding to sensationalism, but real critical thinkers - individuals. We must reward exceptionalism, again. Exceptional people solve exceptional problems. They end the Trouble

H: Solutions in a NEXT^NEXT type of TED or SPACERS environment have to be holistic. Without a holistic feel, they will only get in the way of the company's progress and humanity's. Solutions should be humanistic, and humanitarian. They should be purposefully harmless, and attempt to even be helpful. This goes back to being grounded in something real. The bottom line is absolutely vital in this. As are the profits. But it's what one does with these lines afterwards that matters. "first, do no harm" is not only medical advice... it's life advice.

Proprietary Business Score, Free to Attain

Eventually, algorithmic routines will provide FREETH scores in an open source format. The functions of the scores will be basically divulged. How they are weighted will not. But it will be evenly applied.

At this time, only FREETH certified coaches will be able to provide a FREETH score, as part of the Starter Grower package, which will later roll into the Enterprise Score.

Becoming a FREETH Certified Coach

If you are interested in fighting the future, the assumed ESG 'social credit', attempting to be a defacto control over your life, business, and health, please consider becoming a FREETH certified coach.

Long term marketing materials will be made available. And the costs to learn FREETH will be kept minimal, as well. As software platforms evolve, your ability to use FREETH will become ever easier. Instead of thinking of this as a competition, however, please spread the FREETH score message and encourage other coaches to use it, as well.