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Welcome To The St. Anne School Choir Page

Hello and welcome to the St. Anne School Choir website. The St. Anne School Choir provides a rewarding experience for choir members by cultivating musical skills and disciplines that benefit all areas of life.


  • Members need to possess a love for singing

  • Members need to attend rehearsals (Adjustments are made for certain needs. Members communicate with the director with regards to these matters)

  • Members need to be willing to abide by rules and regulations following the code of conduct at St. Anne School

  • Members must have a positive attitude, team spirit, and a sense of compassion for others

To sign up for choir, and for more information, please contact me via email with interested student's information (full name, grade, cell phone) and parent information on choir registration form at the botton of this web page. The choir form can me emailed directly to me or sent to the school.

I look forward to another wonderful year working with St. Anne School students.

Mrs. Flaviani

Cell: 415-819-2393

The email for Mrs. Flaviani is:


Even though the Covid-19 Virus has put some strong restrictions during these challenging times, we in the musical education field and professional music field are working together to keep music and the other arts strong in our schools. There is continued research and study on the effects of Covid-19 and how to create tools that can return music to the rehearsal halls and performance venues.

VIRTUAL CHOIR: Virtual rehearsals will be set up so members can continue building vocal skills and musicianship as well as music repertoire. It is important to continue to learn music because we must remember that there is still a future ahead that will be filled with music. There is always music to learn. Technical components have been put in place for the St. Anne School Choir. Details regarding the virtual rehearsals, sheet music, and other items will be updated on the St. Anne School Choir Web page.

Format for the Virtual Choir - The director will provide the ensemble with the following:

  • Digital Score

  • Sample Performance Track

  • Rehearsal Track

  • Accompaniment Track

This will be done using email address provided by parent/guardian of the choir member. For larger files: Google Drive, Drop Box or other cloud-based platform will be used.

In order to see their accomplishments, a Virtual Choir Video will be made. To make the virtual choir video, the following will take place:

  1. Record - Members of the St. Anne School Choir will be asked to record their part using a cell phone, tablet, etc., and filmed in "landscape" orientation.

  2. Send - each video/audio recording is sent to the director via Google Drive or Drop Box.

  3. Video - A video will be created with multiple screens to see members of the choir.


Technology for Virtual Choir:

  • Final Cut Pro

Hybrid Virtual Choir – Should there be a time that singers need to have some kind of an in-person rehearsal, the following CDC guidelines, along with specific school guidelines will be followed:

  • Student limits – break choir members up into small groups and meet at separate times

  • Physical distancing – number of singers rehearsing with regards to space in line with keeping the mandatory 6-foot distancing One idea is to consider a short rehearsal in an outdoor space.

St. Anne School Choir Registration Form

St. Anne School Choir Sign Up Virtual 2020)Form.pdf