Strategies for Success Workshop

スマートフォンの場合、 日本語は英語の下にあります

Workshop Date: June 30-July 1, 2018

Location: Nagoya, Japan

To register, please email (English or Japanese)

Strategies for Success is our most popular course. This is a short and very practical course which focuses on overall wellness and achieving a balanced and successful life, in whatever way you define success for yourself. If you want to achieve more of your goals, live a life according to your own values, balanced in both personal and professional situations, you will find this course to be very useful and you will take skills back to your home and workplace that you can immediately use.

Recognizing that our physical health and psychological health are deeply related, this course takes a "holistic" approach. A vegan/vegetarian lunch and tai chi or yoga activities will be available to help us all to maintain a healthy connection between mind and body.

Today’s society is a busy one, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the constant stimuli of social media, work, home life and the needs of others. A good metaphor to keep in mind is the oxygen mask on the airplane. There is always a reminder to put on your own mask first before helping others. This workshop offers reminders and ways to take care of the self first in order to be more effective and helpful for everyone both at home and in the workplace.

This course is fully bilingual (Japanese and English) and provides a great opportunity for couples in cross-cultural relationships to learn valuable communication techniques that transcend language barriers, and can bring partners closer together. Couples applying together are eligible for 33% discount.

What will I learn?

  • Use coaching skills to help yourself and others to achieve success and maintain a healthy balance in your personal and professional life.
  • Identify the areas of your life where you want to make improvements and start to make concrete steps to bring those changes into reality.
  • Set achievable goals for yourself, and help others to do the same.
  • Learn how our beliefs can both limit us and enable us.
  • Identify and take control of the unconscious values that are influencing your behaviours.
  • Manage your own emotional and physical state.

Strategies for Success is just two days out of your life, and many people from diverse areas including business people, teachers, homemakers, and health professionals have found it to be a life-changing experience. A fully bilingual English-Japanese manual will be provided, and translation will be provided. In order to ensure the quality of training, the number of participants is limited on this training, so please book early to ensure your place.

Do something different!

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. As human beings, we have all been there and done that, and it is only by learning to do things in a new way that we can achieve different results. This workshop provides the impetus for change and for trying new and healthier thinking and communication habits on for size. So many previous participants have benefitted from this holistic approach to good mental health and productive communication skills including:

  • Better communication in inter-cultural situations
  • Healthier relationships
  • Realizing short and long-term goals
  • More confidence in the workplace and learning new skills
  • Better mind and body awareness
  • Healthier habits
  • A good balance between work and personal life
  • Living a life in accordance with your own values

A special price is available for early registration as well as for couples, and small groups. If you have already taken this course, you can come back to refresh all your learnings for 50% of the regular price.

If you like what you learn on the weekend and want to learn more, this course also acts as the first two days of the NLP Practitioner course with the International Association for NLP.

Location and Your Investment

This workshop will be held in a convenient location in the center of Nagoya city.

Your investment for this course: 35,000 yen

Early bird discount

Apply before June 1 to get a 20% discount. Please apply early as the room size and number of participants is limited.

Words from Participants

  • "... a weekend filled with spirit, deep learning and lots of fun!"
  • "The weekend had such a positive impact on me; meeting all of you, and sharing stories and ideas has really been invigorating. Thank you, all!"
  • "It was a really wonderful day of learning and sharing."
  • "You are an amazing teacher!"



お申込みとお問い合わせ (日本語または英語)

Strategies for Successは一番人気のコースです。成功をどのように定義するにしても、全体的なウェルネスに焦点を合わせ、バランスの取れた成功した人生を達成するための短期実践型のコースです。

  • さらに目標を達成したい?
  • 自分の価値観に合った人生を生きたい?
  • プライベートも仕事もバランスが取れた生活を送りたいと思っていますか?






  • コーチングスキルを使って、自分やほかの人が成功を収めるのをサポートし、プライベートや職場での生活で健康的なバランスを保つ。
  • 人生で改善したい領域を特定して、その変化を実現するための具体的な行動を始める。
  • 達成可能な目標を設定し、同じようにほかの人も目標設定するのをサポートする。
  • 信念がいかに自分を制限したり、何かを行うことを可能にするかを再認識する
  • 自分の行動に影響を与える無意識の価値を特定し、コントロールする。
  • 自分の感情や身体の状態を管理する。

Strategies for Successは、あなたの人生の中でわずか2日間。そして、ビジネスマン、教師、主婦、医療従事者などさまざまな分野の多くの人に、人生を変える経験であることが分かっています。完全なバイリンガルの英語−日本語マニュアルが提供され、通訳が付いています。コースの質を保つため、このコースは参加者数が限られていますので、お早めにご予約ください。



  • 異文化間でより良いコミュニケーション
  • より健康的な関係性
  • 短期的かつ長期的目標の実現
  • 職場へのさらなる自信と新しいスキルの習得
  • より良い心と身体の気づき
  • 健康的な習慣
  • 仕事とプライベートの生活のバランスが良くなる
  • 自分の価値観に沿って生きる






価格: 35,000円




  • 「スピリットや深い学び、たくさんの楽しみいっぱいの週末でした!」
  • 「この週末で私に大きなプラスの影響を与えてくれました。みんなと出会って、物語やアイデアを共有して、本当に刺激を受けました。みんな、ありがとう!
  • 「学びとシェアの、本当に素晴らしい一日でした」
  • 「素晴らしい先生ですね!」