Stanardsville Historical Walking Tour

Welcome to the Stanardsville Historical Walking Tour

On the Stanardsville Historical Tour App historical sites are depicted by number on the map and a corresponding photo and site name is also visible. While the tour is sequenced by site number on the map, you can take the tour starting at whatever site you choose.

Most sites are marked with a physical marker like the one below. Those that don't have a physical marker can be identified by photos.

By “clicking” on the site on the Map you will be linked to a page that has the history and photo of the site. You can link to the same page by “clicking” on the photo of a site.

Most of the historical sites are privately owned with owners giving permission to include their properties on the tour with a historical sign. Please respect their privacy and view the sites from the sidewalk and roads. Please do not trespass on properties.

Please be careful when crossing the roads.

If you would like additional information on a specific site or on the history of the Town of Stanardsville or Greene County please visit or contact the Greene County Historical Society.

Museum Hours

Friday & Saturday

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Or by Appointment

Call 434-985-1834

Thank you for participating in the Stanardsville Historical Walking Tour.