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Interesting Things To Know About Stafford Virginia

Contrary to popular belief, Stafford is also commonly referred to as Stafford Courthouse is located in Northern Virginia and holds the county seat for Stafford County. While the city itself is fairly small, the 2010 Census revealed the total population of Stafford and the surrounding areas in the county is made up over over 142,000 people.

Stafford is located approximately ten miles north of Fredericksburg and around 45 miles south of Washington, D.C. It is merely 60 miles north of Richmond, Virginia and right around the corner from Marine Corps Base Quantico.

A Little Bit Of History

On April 13, 1613 an old English Sea Captain by the name of Sam Argall abducted the well known princess Pocahontus while she was spending time with her husband named Kocoum. Sam was trying to steal back some of his men that had been captured as prisoners and figured Pocahontus would make a great bargaining tool. The Sea Captain and his men would go on to take her to a nearby settlement called Henricus and would later become what we know as Henrico today.

Later down the road a vicur named Alex Whitaker would later transition Pocahontus to the religion Christianity, made her get baptised and renamed her Rebecca. She would later go on to marry an English Colonist by the name of John Rolfe in Jamestown, Va.

A Few Famous People Stafford Is Known For

1. George Washington- Obviously The First President of the USA. Stafford is known has his childhood home.

2. Pocahontus- The Powhatan Princess that was stolen away, renamed and married off to her new husband John Rolfe.

3. Elise Harris- Else is best known for her appearance on Hell's Kitchen as an All-star contestant.

4. Tracy Abramson- Tracy is known novelist from this area.

5. Erin Cahill- An actress best known for her role as Jen Scotts in Power Ranger's Time Force.

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