Why do I love Stache & Stacks?

My love for reading and my passion for encouraging others to become lifelong users of information and resources is what inspired me to create Stache & Stacks. I began my education career in 2001 as an Interrelated Special Education teacher, mainly serving as a resource and collaborative English/Language Arts teacher. My philosophy was important! My goal was to teach my students never to use their disability as an excuse. My priority was to educate them how to use the available resources so they could accomplish the classwork just like their peers.

Five years later, I started serving as a high school Media Specialist and learned that my philosophy did not really change even though my job title did. I was still teaching students how to use the available resources that the library media center had to offer, but then I discovered I was also teaching various professional learning topics to colleagues. Sometimes they can be the most challenging learner because some are just resistant to change. However, if I can educate them how to integrate technology in an effective and engaging way in their classroom, then they are modeling how to take advantage of those available resources too. Also, they no longer using their fear of change or technology as an excuse, but putting best practices into action. I am amazed to see how my training has ignited change from one hesitant teacher to now many enthusiastic educators.

Therefore, Stache & Stacks emerged. it is my mission is to encourage and empower users of information and technology with the latest digital resources. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and providing users of information with a Stache of great digital resource tips and for my book lovers, Stacks of great must read titles and authors.