Can we help?

Need help running an essential errand?

In these confusing times, when folks are confined to their home, it might be helpful if someone could run an essential errand or two for you. Maybe you could use a friendly phone call, someone to check in periodically to see how you're managing. Or you might need some help navigating social media or online purchasing. We have a team of volunteers who could help in any of these areas:

Make a new phone friend

Being stuck at home can leave you feeling isolated and anxious. We will connect you with someone at St. Athanasius and Sacred Heart Parishes Gladwin & Harrison Good Samaritans who can call and check in with you on a regular basis. It's like having a phone "pen pal"!

Help with confusing technology/online purchasing

Do you need someone who can help you use online technology? It could be how to make an online purchase, how to connect with friends on social media, or even how to video chat with your grandchildren.

Would you prefer we just call you?

While filling out an online request form greatly assists us in matching your needs to a volunteer, sometimes it feels like 'just too much'. If you prefer, you may leave a clear phone message with your name, contact information and request on the following phone numbers and we will return your call:

Sacred Heart, Gladwin, 989-426-7154 Extension 206, or

St. Athanasius, Harrison, 989-539-6232 Extension 202.

Please note that...

Due to social distancing and the health needs of vulnerable populations we are not able to enter someone's home, have any physical contact, or provide transportation. We are not in a position to provide personal care, medical advice or household tasks.