Toronto-St. Paul's Tenant Associations Network

Toronto St. Paul’s Tenant Associations Network

Our Mission

Founded in 2018, Toronto St. Paul’s Tenant Associations Network is a volunteer run non-partisan alliance, made up of tenant associations located within the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding of Toronto, Ontario.

Our Vision

The Network’s aim is to build a strong community of Toronto-St. Paul’s area tenant associations and create a strong political voice for tenants associations relating to all levels of government.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve the lives of tenants living within the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding, by advocating for tenants and Tenant Associations, by:

  • Providing a voice for improved tenant rights, policies, legislation, regulations and by-laws that will better protect tenants
  • Improving communication and cooperation between St. Paul’s tenant associations, our City Councillors, our MPP and our MP
  • Informing, educating and providing resources to tenant associations and tenants looking to form an association
  • Representing and promoting the interests of all tenant associations located in the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding

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