St. Norbert Roundball Tournament

2019 Roundball Tournament - March 11th - March 17th

Annual Basketball Tournament

The St. Norbert Athletic Committee is proud to feature our Annual Roundball Tournament. This annual basketball tournament features both a boy’s and a girl’s bracket. The Athletic Director, Coaches and Committee Members assemble competitive teams comprised of 4th thru 8th graders. One of the fun aspects of this tournament is that the younger students get a chance to take the court with the older students, while the older students get to teach the younger ones a thing or two about sportsmanship and basketball. Every student gets playing time regardless of grade level or ability. Parents and younger siblings come attend the games and make great cheerleaders. Teams are coached by St. Norbert School graduates or St. Norbert Parish members.

Father Valker Award

In keeping with the spirit of the Roundball Tournament, the Father Richard J. Valker Award is given to the one girl and the one boy who best represents the values and character of a true sportsman and teammate throughout the Roundball Tournament.

Kyle Caraher / Billy Garrity - Team Spirit Award

This award is designed to recognize the Roundball team that best exemplifies all the exceptional qualities that are brought out in our student-athletes through this great event – qualities that both Kyle and Billy always exhibited during their participation in team sports and in particular this tournament. Those qualities - teamwork, leadership, school spirit, pride, and respect have become the hallmark of the St. Norbert Roundball tournament and are an important part of our Christian lives. As such, we will present this award on Sunday to the team that best demonstrates those characteristics both on and off the court throughout Roundball week.

Roundball Rules:

Roundball Rules.pdf

Roundball Prayer:

Roundball Prayer 2018.pdf

Fr. Valker Sportsmanship Award Winners:

Fr Richard J. Valker Award Winners .pdf

Kyle Caraher - Billy Garrity Team Spirit Award Winners:

Kyle Caraher _ Billy Garrity Team Spirit Award.pdf