Welcome to St. Michael's Parish Ashburton

The Catholic parish of St Michael, alive to the Spirit, cares, celebrates, worships and bears witness to Christ

Who are we?

The Catholic Parish of St. Michael's in Ashburton helps foster faith in Jesus Christ within the local Ashburton Community. St. Michael's strives to celebrate and spread God's message throughout the community. Get involved in our parish today!

Commitment to Children

St. Michael's Parish Ashburton provides a safe community for children to explore their faith. Find out more about our commitment by clicking here.

Join Us for Mass

Tuesday: 10:00 am Mass

Wednesday: 10:00 am Mass

Thursday: 10:00 am Mass

Friday: 10:00 am Mass

Saturday: 6:30 pm Mass

Sunday: 9:00 am Mass

10:30 am Mass

Find out what's happening in our Parish

St.Michael the Archangel, Our Patron Saint

Memorial garden

Our beautiful stained glass windows

Where to find us?

Contact Information

To contact the parish office please find us at;

268 High Street

Ashburton, VIC 3147


Call Us: 9401 6345

Email: ashburton@cam.org.au

New Parishioner

Are you new to the Parish, follow the prompts below to become a part of our inclusive community.