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We service grade 9-12 with a goal of sequentially building the skills in our students to be ready for whatever post graduate path they choose. During 9th and 10th grade, students build experiences and skills that they will be able to compile on resumes and college applications. By 11th grades, students should be dreaming on a chosen career path and making efforts academically and extracurricularly to align their efforts. We seek to help tighten that alignment and help students to build a greater rate of success for their future path. By 12th grade, students are targeting accumulating work experiences and networking with businesses to establish their chosen direction, be it college or immediate workforce entry.

Trade Career
College/Post Secondary Education




Enjoy The First Year, Learn About The School and Examine What Your Interests Are. Join Clubs and Teams. 

Keys To Freshman Year:


You have an understanding of the school and comfort level is high. This is the year where academic focus is begins to be really important. This year helps to set the standard for you as a student in the eyes of your teachers

Keys To Sophomore Year:


Junior Year Is About The Next Level: This is the year post high school places evaluate the most. Colleges expect your best grades as do trade schools. Your polish needs to become apparent this year

Keys to Junior Year:


The Final Step. Finish Strong. Enjoy This Year. It Gets Real From Here On. Decide & Commit To Whatever Path You Choose. 

Keys To Senior Year:

Trade Careers

We Train Your For:

College/Post Secondary Educations

Our programs prepare your for college through: