Salt Spring Island Scottish Country Dance Club

All things considered, and as difficult as it may be, we feel a responsibility to suspend all classes pending further notice. Best wishes and good health to everyone as we work our way through this epidemic. We can look forward to reuniting in dance.

Stay tuned for further updates and information on outstanding items such as refunds/credits and our AGM. Kind regards John (and your SSISCDC Executive)

We hope you are reading Dance Scottish at Home from the link that Reuben forwards each week. RSCDS Headquarters deserve accolades for this weekly link.

Please use these links to get the latest updates on Coronavirus from RSCDS

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The teacher for all classes is Richard Bennett.

Richard is a Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) teacher.

While classes are suspended check the video page for "classes" or quizzes

Salt Spring Island Scottish Country Dance Club offers classes both for beginners and more experienced dancers. Dancing is a great way to keep fit, socialize, and connect with a tradition that is centuries old, steeped in history yet still changes with the times. Scottish Country dancing extends well beyond the bounds of Scotland and may be enjoyed here on Salt Spring Island as well as world wide. There are groups in many countries and Salt Spring Island Scottish Country Dance Club loves to welcome visitors. We are a friendly, fun-loving group of dancers. Please note bringing a partner is not a prerequisite to joining in the dancing. Please wear soft soled shoes. We host an Open House at the beginning of the new term in September. The first two visits are complimentary.

Club activities include special social events throughout the year; a welcome back wine and cheese evening, annual workshops, summer dancing, Simply Scottish on Salt Spring (a weekend of workshops and dance). We encourage our club members to go to off island events hosted by other clubs and we offer opportunities for advancing our own dance technique. Look out for our annual community Robbie Burns Dinner and Dance held in January.

Mission: The purpose of the club is to promote Scottish Country Dancing in accordance with the purpose of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society.


The dues are : $85. per term regular.

Early Bird discounts : $75 term/$140 year.

Happy Tartan Day, April 6th.

For those who might not know we have a Facebook page. Go over to it and like and share !

To keep you thinking Scottish Country Dancing during the summer here is a trivia quiz based on our core book

Core Book Quiz copy.pdf
SSISCD Core Book.pdf

Our Core Book has popular dances, formations, and information about the RSCDS.

Katannuta is a book of original Salt Spring devised dances published in 2007