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Welcome to the home page of the 5th Int'l Summer School on Data Science (SSDS 2020)!

Important announcement

The Summer School is organized by the Center of Research Excellence for Data Science and Advanced Cooperative Systems, Research Unit for Data Science, from September 7-11, 2020 as a virtual summer school. This year's summer school was set to take place in Split, Croatia. But like many world events, the in-person event had to be cancelled due to social distancing measures and the concerns surrounding the coronavirus. Fortunately, the summer school will take place virtually - regardless of your location, it is easy to take part in this year's virtual summer school: all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Update 2020-09-02 12:00 CET: Summer School on Data Science (SSDS 2020) will be held online using Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. An e-mail containing detailed instructions on how to participate in the summer school using Microsoft Teams was sent today to all regularly registered summer school participants. If you did not receive this message then please contact the registration chair Vedran Podobnik at vedran.podobnik@fer.hr.

About the summer school

The fifth edition of the school is organized following the successful first four editions. SSDS 2020 is a summer school offered to doctoral students, postdocs, researchers, and developers working in academia and industry. The program consists of lectures taught by outstanding researchers in the field. The lecturers will present fundamental and advanced concepts. The program includes hands-on sessions, demonstrating practical aspects. SSDS 2020 program will include a poster session giving participants an opportunity to present and discuss their research results.

The thematic scope of SSDS 2020 covers network science and large scale graph analysis. The participants will learn the basics of network science theory. Dr. Vinko Zlatić will present an overview of probabilistic models of complex networks. Furthermore, the school will focus on the representation of temporal network data and some of the most common algorithms to analyze them, introduced by the foremost expert in temporal networks prof. Ingo Scholtes. Micro-, meso-, macro- scale structures in networks and their analysis through graph.tool python libraries will be presented by the very author of those libraries prof. Tiago de Paula Peixoto. prof. Danai Koutra will also give a basic understanding of large scale graph mining and summarization and recent advances in the field. Finally, prof. Xavier Bresson will present basics and recent trends in the field of graph representation learning as one of the cornerstones for large-scale machine learning and analysis on network-structured data. Additional keynote lectures will present more important topics connecting networks science and data science.

We are looking forward to your online participation in the virtual summer school!

Tomislav Lipić and Vinko Zlatić, Program Co-Chairs

Sven Lončarić and Tomislav Šmuc, General Co-Chairs