SSBC Constitution


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be: Student Steel Bridge Club, hereinafter “Club.”

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to “Our mission is to promote the incorporation of classroom structural engineering knowledge into a real-world hands-on student project. We strive to educate the next generation of engineers by providing them with experience with emerging software, steel workshops, and networking events. We strive to create a community of scholars that feel like a family, where each member feels welcomed and ready to take their engineering careers to the next level.”
Duties: Club members will play an assigned role in designing, fabricating, constructing and testing a 1:10 scale steel bridge to compete in the annual AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition.

Article III - Authority

The Club is considered an independent entity functioning under the guidance of the American Institute of Steel Construction, hereinafter “AISC” and Student Steel Bridge Club, hereinafter “SSBC.” The future references, the SSBC website url is: ​

Article IV - Membership Requirements

1. Membership is limited to UIC graduate and undergraduate students.
2. It is the policy of the University of Illinois at Chicago to not engage in discrimination or harassment against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, order of protection status, genetic information, marital status, disability, sexual orientation including gender identity, unfavorable discharge from the military or status as a protected veteran and will comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action laws, orders and regulations.
3. The Club will have a minimum of 3 team members.
4. Membership Requirements. The responsibilities of Club members include:
4.1. Learning and following the SSBC Mission Statement and 2019 Rules.4.2. Attend at least 6 Club meetings per year by participating in Club activities and events.4.3. Pay membership dues as mentioned in Article IX

Article V - Officers

1. The officers of the Club shall be [President, Vice President, Design Coordinator/Captain, Procurement Coordinator/Treasurer, Media/Outreach, Art Coordinator] The officers will form the Executive Board.
2. The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers of the Club and shall meet on a regular basis to finalize agenda items, prepare reports, and collaborate on the business of the Club.
3. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by this Constitution and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Club.

3.1. President & Captain:

- Oversee and ensure flow of all club activities and events- Be aware of financial matters and is financially responsible for matters pertaining to Club- Call, preside over and adjourn club meetings - Maintain regular contact with the faculty advisor- Coordinate Executive Board transition- Learns and utilities STAAD.Pro - Host bridge design meetings - Plan structural analysis workshops, like analyzing previous bridge designs with 203/205 material- Responsible for showing student members the importance of design parameters such as deflection, section-cross of members, connections, etc.

3.2. Vice President & Co-Captain:

- Assume the duties & responsibilities of President if s/he is unable to do so- Preside over meetings when the President is not able to attend- Assist the President in all club activities and take on other duties as required- Coordinate all sponsorships solicitations and fundraising matters- Plan and coordinate fabrication meetings, milling/welding/safety workshops- Oversee, teach, and maintain safe practices of all members during fabrication- Ensures all machinery is fully operational and is responsible for repairs/refills- In charge of maintaining garage organization and cleanliness- Assumes the right to delegate responsibilities to a ‘Fabrication Assistant’ after clearance with President- Renew club registration each year through UIC CSI

3.3. Secretary:

- Coordinate and maintain regular contact with UIC CSI, COE, AISC, faculty advisor and any other outside resources- Coordinate Executive Board transition- Ensure the club’s good standing with UIC CSI, COE, and AISC- Plan and coordinate for UIC Involvement Fair and any other marketing events- Attend all club activities and record events- Records yearly competition results, e.g design blueprint, build video etc.-Maintain records on all member information, club requirements and club rosters.-Track all new memberships and coordinate with Public Relations officer to update email contacts

3.4. Treasurer:

- Manage all fiscal matters related to the club- Liaise with the school financial office/student government with matters pertaining to funds for the club- Maintain a financial history of the Club- Club meetings: Report to Club officers/members on status of funds- Maintain regular contact with the faculty advisor and president regarding Club’s finances- Assume responsibility of steel purchasing - Maintains close communications with president

3.5. Public Relations Officer:

- Publicize all club activities in events such as the Involvement Fair, Engr 100, and networking events via posters, social media, etc.- Maintain any media that is shared on the clubs website, Facebook, Instagram, etc- Publicize weekly club newsletters

3.6. Art Coordinator:

-Creates posters for various club activities (networking events, guest speakers, etc.)-Assume responsibility of general bridge aesthetics (i.e. paint, steel stencil, etc.)-Creates a bridge poster in accordance with the SSBC competition-Designs (or finds designs) and coordinates purchasing SSBC competition apparel

3.7. Conference Chair:

-Coordinate travel arrangements for the Regional Event, if needed coordinate with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) -Plan pre-conference information meetings-Plan and coordinate conference schedules and lodging for the club-Communicate conference costs with treasurer-Maintain communication with AISC Conference Host regarding all conference matters-Attend all meetings with AISC Conference Host
4. Qualifications: All officers must be enrolled students in good standing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Good standing is determined as being ‘in good academic standing’ with the University of Illinois at Chicago.
5. Election: Officers are elected for the following (academic) year by a simple majority vote of the members present during, or by the time of, the last Club meeting during the current year.
5.1. Officer terms will last for one academic year.
5.2. In the event of a vote tie, the faculty advisor will have the final vote
6. Removal from office: Any officer not acting in accordance with the Club expectations, or does not meet or fulfill the standards or duties established for the office he/she holds may be removed from office by a majority vote by the membership.

Article V1 - Meetings

1. Regular meetings will take place at least once every week at a time and place to be decided byClub officers.
2. Special meetings will take place when necessary, convened by officers and will be announced beforehand to the Club.
3. Meetings will be announced to the Club via email, text message or social media at least onceevery week. Meetings will consist of attendance, a summary of the last meeting, items on theagenda for the current meeting, open discussion and an outline for the next meeting.

Article VII - Faculty Advisor

1. A full-time University of Illinois at Chicago employee or faculty member shall serve as the Faculty Advisor for the Club.
2. The faculty advisor for the Club is
Didem Ozevin,
3. Term: The Faculty Advisor shall serve a minimum term of one full (academic) year. There is no term limit.
4. Duties: The Faculty Advisor’s duties include:- Verify that all students on the team are students enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago for part of or all of the 2018-2019 academic year.- Submit a ​team registration form (available on the SSBC website)​ by December 31, 2019.- Submit a roster of students to AISC by March 1, 2019.- Promote an inclusive and positive environment for all students participating in the program where learning is the desired outcome.- Encourage students to make design decisions and fabricate their bridge on their own as much as possible in order to maximize learning.- Attend the Regional Event with the Club or send a substitute faculty member in their place.- Ensure that students exhibit good sportsmanship and professional behavior at regional and national levels of the SSBC in order to give the Club the opportunity to participate in future competitions.- Assist students in fostering relationships with industry professionals through local fabricator introductions, and if applicable, AISC seminars, networking events, and NASCC: The Steel Conference.- Club meetings: Attend Club meetings, keep Club informed about school/institutional matters, give a report during Club meetings when appropriate, respect and encourage all Club functions and assist with risk management decisions- Maintain regular contact with AISC- Help maintain history of the Club from year to year- Assist Club with election concerns- Recognize Club members for achievement and commitment

Article VIII - Quorum and Voting

1. AISC encourages the Club to make decisions regarding their bridge project together as a team through group discussion. If voting needs to take place, each member is entitled to one vote. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted. Decisions determined to require a vote shall be by majority vote of members present.
2. A quorum shall constitute a minimum of 50% of the membership in attendance at a scheduled meeting. The process for general decision-making, including the expenditure of funds, shall be a simple majority of a quorum unless otherwise specified in this Constitution.
3. Before making purchases greater than $200, approval from the treasurer and president is required.
4. Changes to this Constitution require quorum and a 2/3 vote to pass.

Article IX - Dues

1. This organization collects dues from its members (every academic year) in the amount of a $10 due one month before the Regional Event .

Article X - Handling of Funds

1. The organization’s on-campus COF account will be managed primarily by the Procurement Coordinator/Treasurer.
2. Handling of Funds: “The President and Treasurer are financially responsible. These officers will be the only members allowed to access the COF account. The advisor may not be the third officer. All funds raised on campus MUST be deposited into the organization’s on-campus Chicago Organization Fund account.”
3. In addition to AISC and School funding, the club may raise funds for Club expenses. If the club chooses to solicit a local fabricator, they must complete the ​fabricator partnership request form (provided on the SSBC website)​ prior to contacting the fabricator. Once your solicitation request is submitted, AISC will provide the club with a plan of action for the ask, including contact information, letter templates, and more.

Article XI - Club Requirements

1. All Club members shall act professionally and respectfully at all times. Failure to act appropriately can result in letters of reprimand, mandatory behavior management plans, and loss of invitations to future competitions for individual institutions.
2. Club will maintain a faculty advisor for the entire academic year.
3. Submit a ​team registration form (available on the SSBC website)​ by December 31 of each respective year. (Faculty Advisor)
4. Submit a roster of students to AISC by March 1 of each respective year. (Faculty Advisor)
5. Club will adhere to the SSBC Rules (available on SSBC website).
6. Club will track Club participation, funding, events, activities, and complete a brief club summary report form at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. This information will be used by AISC to improve club resources in the future.
7. Clubs will follow brand and style guidelines to the best of their ability when using the SSBC name and logo in external communications, including in connection with team attire, fundraising, and social media (instructions available on SSBC website).
8. Club will complete the ​Fabricator Partnership Request Form​ (available on SSBC website) prior to reaching out to any local fabricator

Article XII - Amendments and Revisions

1. Amendments to these bylaws consistent with the Club constitution may be adopted at any meeting of the Club in which a quorum is present, provided that a statement setting forth the substance of such proposed action is included in the notice of the meeting.
2. Any active member may propose an amendment to the Club’s Constitution in order to ensure that the Club is administered properly.
3. At the final meeting of the academic year, proposals will be read aloud and all active members will vote on the proposal.
4. A 2/3 majority vote of a quorum of all active members is required to approve an amendment.
5. The president is responsible for initiating the creation and distribution of the new/changed document. The Center for Student Involvement staff should receive a copy of the revised document.

This constitution is adopted by the Student Steel Bridge Club on April 18, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.