Welcome to the Sri Lanka Sub-Aqua Club!

We are the leading SCUBA Diving club in Sri Lanka and provide an invaluable forum for enthusiastic SCUBA divers to get together and participate in recreational diving and many other exciting activities!

The Sri Lanka Sub-Aqua Club (SLSAC) was established in 1985 with the principal aim of training those interested in SCUBA diving. However, with the proliferation of diving schools in the island, the focus of the club changed from training to organising diving, learning, conservation and fellowship activities for the local diving community.

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Diving. Learning. Fellowship.Conservation


Promote safe & fun SCUBA Diving

Aid in marine conservation activities

Aid in marine archaeology & exploration activities related to our underwater cultural heritage

Facilitate awareness & knowledge sharing in SCUBA and related activities

Indulge in other social and fun activities to strengthen fellowship in the club

Office bearers (2017)

President : Dharshana Jayawardena

Secretary : Suvina Jayatilaka

Treasurer : Rapti Esufally

Diving Officer : Ramzi Reyal

Conservation Officer : Nishan Perera

Events Officer : Enoka De Zoysa

Communications Officer : Sajeev De Silva

Membership Benefits

Get in touch with the diving community, and be a part of a bigger base of regular divers.

Discounts when diving in groups from dive centers.

Dive trips organised by the club for its members.

Foreign dive trips also organised occasionally based on availability of divers and rates.

Fellowship events organised monthly.

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Contact Us

Dharshana Jayawardena - President

+94 76 88 55 700


Suvina Jayatilaka - Secretary

+94 71 86 92 888