Name: Noelani Mochon

Subject: Spanish 2-3

Email: noelani.mochon@wcsdny.org

Phone: 845-298-5100 ext. 31034 (unavailable during remote instruction)

Office hours / Open Period: 12:50-2:25 ( Monday - Friday)

Hello parents and students! Please note the following codes below. Students are required to join the Google Classroom for their period. Parents are invited to join if they would like to. I will also keep a running list of assignments here starting from the beginning of this year. Simply click on the Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 page to find this list. The Parent's Page has the various classroom documents which you may wish to refer to as well as useful Technology Videos if your child is having difficulty connecting with various sites. As the year progresses I will be working on expanding both the Resource and Grammar Pages found here. Thank you for your continued patience. Office hours from 12:50 to 2:25 Monday through Friday. Go to classroom.google.com and you will find the Office Hours link in the Materials Section of your classroom. Click on the Meet link during office hours and I will be there waiting for you.

Google Classroom (all characters that look like "l" are the letter L)

Period 1 - 2lvwb2d (Sp. 3)

Period 3 - hbgksl6 (Sp. 2)

Period 5 - vr2oz6n (Sp. 2)

Period 6 - jeujzax2 (Sp. 3)

Period 7 - sc347hb (Sp. 2)

UPDATE (9/22/20) - Slide presentations from class can now be found in the Resource Page. All grammar slides and videos which have been assigned can be found in the Grammar Page. Check them out!