Name:   Noelani Mochon

Subject:   Spanish 2 & 3

Email:   noelani.mochon@wcsdny.org

Phone:   845-298-5100 ext. 31034 

Extra help:  Tuesdays after school or by appointment

Hello Ketcham Families!  All students will need to join to my Google Classroom.  We will take care of this during the first week of school.  If parents would like to to be invited to join, simply e-mail me at the address above and I would be happy to invite you.  

Purpose of my website:  For students and parents - think of this site as a storehouse for useful links and videos which pertain to material dealt with in class.  For an ongoing list of assignments and due dates, please refer to the Google Classroom.  Thank you; I look forward to a fun and productive year together.

Especially for students:  Please check out both the Resource and Grammar pages

Grammar Page:  Go here to review basic grammar skills.

Resource Page:  Here you will find useful sites for learning Vocabulary as well as Grammar and practicing Listening Comprehension.  I have included links to several excellent YouTube channels which will help support you through your process of learning and working toward a mastering of communicating in Spanish.  ¡Diviértete! 

For Parents: The Parent's Page has the various classroom documents which you may wish to refer to.