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Match the Paths
- from casual mobile to strategic PX on consoles and PC

Start by playing the smallest and the 3rd ever-discovered game on 3x3 fields beside Tic Tac Toe and Lo Shu to enjoy short tricky sessions of this NEW KID IN PUZZLE TOWN.

We put the Game Series on a beautiful compact format of iPAD/Tablets, which we recognize as an ideal format for playing in a bed, plaza or during travel, or on long interplanetary flights somwhere in the future... 

sQuaricon™ is the original IP game series of 5 pattern matching puzzles, but generally applies at any of pxp square boards.



sQuaricon Game Series ©2006 is a chain of 5 skill-based, meditative, logic, and paths matching puzzles on the square game boards: sQ3, sQ5, sQ7, sQ11, and sQ13 connected by the same game board mechanics.  

Title illustration a la RUBIK author: Vedran Sknjug

Pass the sQuaricon


Tic Tac Toe > Lo Shu > sQuaricon3
Match the Path



sQuaricon 3 - redesigned
Be it hybrid-casual!

Tik Tak 3

The strong PvP/PvE/Local appeal

For competitive players, the best dynamical part of the game is its broad PvP-appeal that frees up a space to compete with a new, dynamic game mechanic. 

Local On-Tablet duels could delight visitors to comment on the player’s style :) or suggest a better move.  

The Guild players will have the special privilege - the co-op options 

Synchronous PvP-PvE-local
sQuaricon-3 complements Match-3 PvP

sQuaricon-3 complements today's  Match-3 PvP(*) games paradigm: 

(*) Try Match Masters, BlastMasters, Cat Force, Duel Summoners, Pirates&Puzzles...

Code: Ivan Strok, 2022
Sounds-Music: Goran Bastinac

Left illustration: HC, Player vs. Bot prototype 2022  

sQuaricon 5 Regular mode
(TAP to see)

sQuaricon 5
(REGULAR mode on demo gameboard trailer)

Casual Logic Game for Passionate  Players 

Code: Gordan Sikic, 2008, 2013, 2023

NOTE: All illustrations here are low-fi graphics, except where the artwork is specified

Above: sQuaricon3  and sQuaricon5 game sessions in the depths of the sea

From Hybrid-casual to Mid-core
sQuaricon games scope? 

sQuaricon Game Series fits to several game categories 

sQuaricon Game Series as the prototype has published in several PC versions back in 2008.   

sQuaricon 7 ZEN mode

sQuaricon 7
Elusive Motion
(ZEN mode on demo gameboard trailer)

From Casual to the Mid-core Game for superfans 


illustration: prototype 2009.

sQauricon Design & Construction
Gameboard, Mechanics, Genres, PX, motivation to play

The sQuaricon game is an original IP pattern-matching games series, bringing a NEW KID IN PUZZLE TOWN

Originality and novelty are among the favorite words in the games, however rarely seen. Here the innovation and out of crowd approach are obvious.

o GAMEBOARD - is of any p x p* size. Moves are recorded in the same way as on a chessboard - with recalculation of the relative position in the modular space, so it is easy to organize and monitor synchronous or asynchronous PvP/PvE/Idle competitions. 

o ENTIRE GAME SESSION could be sent as a short text message, or shared on a social network. Recepient(s) will have oportunity to upload it directly to the game and play against reached score.  

o LEADERBOARD OPTION! The players will have LB option to find their position and follow the progess inside the complete the sQuaricon community 

o PLAYER's MASTERY PATH - Player can progress on Mastery Path in 20 game modes and 9 tours. Starting positions are counting in millions, so, players have unique chance to never be borred 

o sQUDOKU - is using same basical rules as SUDOKU game but with original GB pattern

o SINGLE PLAY PX -  the solo player has available the relyable Hint algorithm with AI Bots

o PvP/PvE/Local PX - sQuaricon Series contains a strong competitive/cooperation appeal, which could be the main creative direction and the market trump in the farther game development 

Series has been prototyped (2009, the 1st PC version has published on CNET)

sQuaricon 11 Regular mode

sQuaricon 11, squaricon 13
Superfans' game: sQuaricon 11, 13  

illustration: prototype 2009. 

SINgle - Tournaments
sQuaricon gameplay modes?

The game-design pack offers 5+ distinguished game scopes that could significantly enrich the overall players' experience:

Video author: Igor Puskaric

sQudoku 11, 13, 17
for superfan of SUDOKU

The traditional SUDOKU game is popular all over the world. Here, we are adding a bit of innovative gameplay as the numbers are already on the board and you have to achieve that equality of the sums in every row and column...

For Master skill levels the gameboard will grow to sQUDOKU-7, 11, 13,17... The subscription business model applies here.

PvP, Leaderboard, and Leagues are self-evident!

Watch platforms

sQ-3 fits a wide range of screen sizes, from iOS/Android watches to PC...  

Casual Puzzle for all screen sizes

Left: In 2016 we published the Memo Tiles, one of the first-ever games for Apple Watch.  So, as seen in the sQuaricon-3 illustration (left) simply arranged sQ3 gameboard may add some elegance to the small watch screens.

Right: sQuaricon logo by Jaroslav Procka

sQuaricon Games Company 

sQuaricon is a single-game company with a unique mission to advocate the sQuaricon ©2006 as an original IP* and new game paradigm for the gaming world. 

It took years to find a way of transforming an innovative Combinatorial Mean concept to the brainteaser, meditative and pattern-matching series of games. 

The breaking point happened after a video-talk with Amy Jo Kim (2016) and latter accessing her 8 weeks GameAcademy Summer Masterclass 2019.  This deeply changed my understanding of how the games are connecting with players, what are their habits and motivations and how to find the hottest fans (superfans) to include them into development process.

Contact: squaricon@squaricon.com  
Header image: sQuaricon 3, Mob prototype, 2020
(code: Vedran Skrnjug)
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(to warm up your combinatorial skills try to solve this Latin square puzzle from the XVIII century)

Redesign in progress (RetRo?)

background: Lenko Tomic Matulovic

background: Lenko Tomic Matulovic

Tondo Jigsaw 2014

The first project on the Unity platform with one original game concept of the rounded Jigsaw puzzle.
Above: art Marko Umicevic (2014), code in house
Download Android version

Rollin' Tiles 2016

Rollin' Tiles: abandoned project despite some good critics for innovation and clean UI as "it’s not going to be enough to generate a sustainable revenue stream" (Chillingo).
above: art Peter Simon, (2016), outsourcing; The Knights of Unity

Download  from Play.Google 

sQuaricon Core Team Members

Marko Umicevic

Art Direction

Mr. Marko is a Fine Art Historian and Photographer. His latest work in games was on Rollin' Tiles that got exceptional attention from Chillingo's Developer relation director Levi Buchanan: "Really like the art direction and the clean UI"

Goran Bastinac
Music/Sounds for all sQuaricon Titles

Mr. Goran has a very rare and surprising talent to recognize dramatic moments even though the game scene is not fully visualized yet; moreover, he has a lot of useful ideas and shares them unselfishly. 

Igor Puskaric
Game art ,concept and animation 

Mr. Igor is a 2D and 3D Artist who specializes in digital art including hand painting, and organic and hard surface modeling. Everything from stylized art to photorealistic assets. 

Lenko Tomic Matulovic
2D/3D Artist

Mr. Lenko is a 2D and 3D Artist who specializes in digital art including hand painting, and organic and hard surface modeling. Everything from stylized art to photorealistic assets. 

Davor Umicevic

Community Manager

Mr. Davor has strong analytical skills to actively follow the changes in trends and preferences among the players' community. He will ensure smooth communication with the audience and superfans.  

Gordan Sikic

Freelancer SW Engineer at Toptal

Mr. Gordan is programming the sQuaricon Game Series.

Goran Umicevic

Game Design, CEO

Mr. Goran is specialized in brainteasers, logic puzzlers, and pattern-matching games with 15+ Years of learning and practicing in game design, now applying the Game Thinking method in the development improved on Amy Jo Kim's 8 weeks Game Thinking Masterclass 2019 (gamethinkingacademy.io). 

n-Queens Problem

He is an inventor and producer of the sQuaricon Game Series, which is at its core an original modular board algorithm for solving the prime-numbers' part of n-Queens problem.

(more on tiny.cc/CombMean)

A wonderful Art Concept by young Czech graphic designer Jaroslav Procka, 2017.