Research Group

Stochastic Processes and Random Structures

About us

The Stochastic Processes and Random Structures Research Group is formed by researchers and students working with special stochastic processes, discrete (random) structures, and related fields. The Group is certified by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Our activities are focused to three well-defined subjects; the formulation and analysis of stochastic processes inspired by physical and/or biological phenomena, the statistical modeling of data arising from the observation of nature, and the study of algebraic structures and its applications. We aim to develop and discuss Probabilistic and Statistical Methods for the study of Complex Systems. Additionally, we are involved in the supervision of undergraduate and graduate projects and the organization of scientific meetings in our field of expertise.

Areas of expertise

  • Evolution algebras

  • Interacting Particle Systems

  • Optimization

  • Percolation and Random Graphs

  • Statistical Modeling

  • Stochastic Processes

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The coordination of the Group is based on the Center for Exact and Natural Sciences (CCEN) at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). If you are interested in working with us please feel free to contact Pablo Rodriguez (Head of the Group) at, or write directly to one of the Main Researchers.

Address: CCEN-UFPE, Av. Jornalista Aníbal Fernandes, 497-629 - Cidade Universitária, Recife - PE, 50740-540, Brazil.