Prizes  2024

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Kim-Hoa is donating Winner's Choice either a non-rhyming picture book critique or a copy of A GIFT FOR NAI NAI or a giant crocheted pencil plushie! 

(Contiguous US only for books, please)

Kim-Hoa Ung is a Chinese American author-illustrator and amigurumi artist. She enjoys creating stories that explore family relationships, friendship, empathy, culture and heritage, and immigrant life. She is a lover of all things kawaii and inspirational. When Kim-Hoa is not creating stories, you can find her crocheting pieces for art shows, sending snail mail, and making arts and crafts with her kids. She lives with her family in Southern California. 

Please thank Kim-Hoa for her donation by ordering and/or requesting that your local library purchase Kim-Hoa's picture book A GIFT FOR NAI NAI. Other ways to thank Kim-Hoa are reviewing and/or tweeting about her picture book A GIFT FOR NAI NAI.

Find Kim-Hoa's book here.

Twitter handle: @AutumnLeaflet 

Rebecca Gardyn Levington is donating a 30-minute Ask Me Anything session!

Rebecca Gardyn Levington is a children’s book author, poet, and journalist with a particular penchant for penning both playful and poignant picture books and poems – primarily in rhyme. She is the author of BRAINSTORM!, WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW and AFIKOMAN, WHERE’D YOU GO? A PASSOVER HIDE-AND-SEEK ADVENTURE, and has six additional rhyming picture books forthcoming, including LITTLE DREIDEL LEARNS TO SPIN (Scholastic, 2024), WRITE HERE. WRITE NOW! (Capstone, 2025), I WILL ALWAYS BE… (HarperCollins, 2025), and FINDING FORGIVENESS: A ROSH HASHANAH STORY (Macmillan/FSG, 2025). Rebecca writes reviews and conducts interviews monthly for the Picture Book Builders blog. Her award-winning poems and articles have appeared in numerous anthologies, newspapers, and magazines. She lives in New Jersey with her family. Learn more and sign up for Rebecca's monthly newsletter where she shares tips and tricks from her own writing journey at 

Please thank Rebecca for her donation by ordering and/or requesting that your local library purchase Rebecca's picture books Afikoman, Where'd You Go? illustrated by Noa Kelner, Brainstorm! illustrated by Kate Kronreif, and Whatever Comes Tomorrow, illustrated by Mariona Cabassa. Other ways to thank Rebecca are reviewing and/or tweeting about her books.

Find Rebecca's books here.

Twitter handle: @WriterRebeccaGL 

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris is donating a non-rhyming picture book critique!

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris is a queer Afro-Latine/x Dominican and Puerto Rican storyteller. Her ability to weave compelling stories has opened many doors for her as an author, speaker, and resume writer. She is also a mother and community organizer. During the day she works with community members, non-profit organizations, and government officials to make the world a better place. Then she puts her writer’s hat on to craft heartfelt stories about home, family, food, and the fun places she has been. Alyssa was born and raised in The Bronx, New York, and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with her partner and daughter. She is the author of Plátanos Are Love, The Bronx Is My Home, and Gloriana Presente: A First Day of School Book. She hopes you enjoy her stories. 

Please thank Alyssa by ordering/pre-ordering and/or requesting that your local library purchase her books Gloriana, Presente illustrated by Doris M. Rodríguez-Graber, Platanos Are Love, illustrated by Mariyah Rahman, and The Bronx Is My Home illustrated by Kim Holt. Other ways to thank Alyssa, check out her critique services here: and review or tweet about her critique services and/or her books.

Find Alyssa's books here.

Twitter handle: @AReynosoMorris 

Dinh is donating a 20 minute ask me anything session!

Hà is a former primary teacher of 16 years, author, education content creator, and presenter. She is the author of WHERE WILDFLOWERS GROW, which was published in 2023 with Penguin Random House. Her upcoming  picture books, THE JADE BRACELET (Random House Studio) and THE MOON LANTERN (Albert Whitman), will be released in Spring of 2025. 

Please thank by ordering and/or requesting that your local library. Or please purchase her book Where Wild Flower Grows, illustrated by Bao Luu. 

Find Hà's book here. 

Twitter handle: @hellomrsdinh 

Jyoti Gopal is donating a signed copy of her latest book, One Sweet Song!

(Continguous US only, please.)

Jyoti Rajan Gopal is a writer, teacher and mom. She is the award-winning picture book author of One Sweet Song, Desert Queen, My Paati's Saris, and American Desi. She has several more picture books coming out over the next few years.  

Please thank Jyoti by ordering and/or requesting her books at your local library or purchase any of her beautiful books

Learn more about Jyoti's books here.

Twitter handle: @JyotiGopal 

Jocelyn Rish is donating a 1,000 words or less picture book critique of any type.

(Contiguous US only for books, please)

Jocelyn Rish is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who loves researching weird and wonderful animals and sharing what she learns. Her first book was BATTLE OF THE BUTTS, about ten animals that do weird things with their butts. She released the sequel BATTLE OF THE BRAINS, which is about ten animals with mind-blowing brain abilities. Learn more at 

Please thank Jocelyn by ordering and/or requesting her books at your local library or purchase either of her brainy books. 

Learn more about Jocelyn's Battle of the Brains here or Battle of the Butts here.

Twitter handle: @JocelynRish 

Aixa is donating a rhyming or non-rhyming picture book critique!

Aixa Pérez-Prado is a writer, illustrator, translator, sensitivity reader and university professor from Argentina. Aixa has lived in several different countries, and draws inspiration for her stories and illustrations from diverse locations. Her passion is writing and illustrating books that give diverse children a chance to see their multilayered identities represented through stories that resonate with heart and humor. Aixa writes in Spanish and English and enjoys mixing languages in her prose. Similarly, she loves illustrating by employing different techniques in a whimsical mixed-media collage style. 

Aixa is the author/ illustrator of CITY FEET (Reycraft, 2023), author of OUR WORLD: ARGENTINA (Barefoot Books, 2023), and author/illustrator of MERCEDES SOSA: THE VOI’CE OF THE PEOPLE (Lee & Low 2024). 

Please thank Aixa by ordering and/or requesting her books at your local library or purchase her books. Other ways to thank Aixa are to check out and share on social media about her Latinx sensitivity reading and translation services.

Find City Feet here.

Find Our World: Argentina here.

Find Aixa's Latinx sensitivity reading and translation services here.

Twitter handle: @professoraixa 

Merrill is offering winner's choice of a nonfiction picture book critique, an illustrator portfolio critique, a picture book dummy critique, or a copy of one of his books (with art or swag!) or a craft book!

(Contiguous US only for books, please.)

Growing up, Merrill Rainey spent most of his Saturday afternoons drawing, watching monster movies, and going on imaginary adventures. Today, he is a cowboy-boot-wearing, picture-book-creator and paper-toy-maker. Merrill’s work focuses on exploring creativity and imaginative play. His current titles include Roar! I’m a Dinosaur (winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Kids' Board Book of 2022), Oink! I’m a Pig, and the Color, Cut, Create series. His newest illustrated title Giants Are Very Brave People (2023 Cybils Awards nominee), written by Florence Parry Heide, is a reimagined classic picture book about a little giant that learns to be brave with the help of a new friend. Merrill also works for many children’s magazines like Highlights, Ranger Rick, and Humpty Dumpty. He has served on faculty at the Highlights Foundation retreat center and is the former illustrator coordinator for the Northern Ohio chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Merrill lives in the village of Whitehouse, Ohio, with his editor (his wife), subject matter experts (his kids), and very opinionated coworkers (a very hungry toad, some crabby hermit crabs). 

Please thank Merrill by ordering and/or requesting his books at your local library or purchasing  any of his books. 

Find Merrill's books here.

Twitter handle: @littlerainey 

Anna is donating a 20-minutes Ask Me Anything session!

Anna Sargeant is currently an editor of nonfiction and fiction children’s books at Sourcebooks eXplore. She has a degree in PreK-8 education from California State University, Long Beach, with a concentration in mathematics. Prior to book publishing, Anna worked in schools, non-profits, and freelance work. As an elementary school teacher, she fell in love with children’s literature and has been fascinated by the art form ever since. Anna studied writing for children under Liz Garton Scanlon (All the World) and teaches and critiques through various writing organizations, such as SCBWI and Inked Voices. Anna grew up in Southern California, lived for a short stint in Tennessee, and has spent most of her adult life with her husband in Austin, Texas. When she’s not at her desk, you might find her at the barre studio, at the movie theater, on a plane, or at a local restaurant, hopefully eating chips and guacamole. 

Please thank Anna by ordering and/or requesting Animal Snuggles, a book she acquired.  Other ways to thank Anna are to review Animal Snuggles or post on your social media about Animal Snuggles.

Check out Animal Snuggles here.

Find Anna's Manuscript Wish List here.

Twitter handle: N/A

Jaime is donating a picture book critique (rhyming, non-rhyming, literary, commercial, or nonfiction.

Jaime Gelman (she/her) is an associate editor at Little Bee Books. She edits board books, picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels, YA novels, and graphic novels. She lives in New York City. 

Please thank Jaime by ordering and/or requesting your library purchase the books she's acquired.  Other ways to thank Jaime are to review or post on your social media about the books Jaime has acquried.

Find Hello by Viola Wang here.

Find Jamie (A Novel) by L. D. Lapinski here.

Find Rapunzella, Or, Don’t Touch My Hair by Ella McLeod here.

Twitter handle: N/A

Adam is donating an above the slushpile  submission.

My journey to kidlit began the day my son came home from school feeling ashamed of his beloved pink sparkly shoes. Seeing my child's need for more acceptance inspired a story and ended up reshaping my writing and editing practice. I am eager to find fun, engaging stories that help children to gorw into kind, empathic adults. 

Please thank Adam and Cardinal Rule Press by checking out the latest book he helped the wonderful Brenna Jeanneret and Marina Kondrakhina bring into the world! Click here to see The Law of Birthdays.

Adam is also the editor bringing to life Ciara O'Neal's  book Pedro the Pirate coming October 2024.

Twitter Handle: @Adamdblackman 

Stefanie is donating an above the slushpile submission.

Stefanie Molina is an agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. She is primarily looking for diverse and inclusive stories across all age groups, particularly picture books and middle grades. She loves coming-of-age, contemporary fantasy, mysteries, and thrillers and enjoys stories that incorporate food, sports, animals/the outdoors, and intergenerational relationships. Outside of agenting, she enjoys hiking, swimming, baking, and playing the piano. Her favorite place in the world is Yosemite National Park! You can find her on Twitter @fiction_tech. acceptance inspired a story and ended up reshaping my writing and editing practice. I am eager to find fun, engaging stories that help children to grow into kind, empathic adults. 

Please thank Stefanie for her donation by pre-ordering her clients' book: A Roof! by Stephanie Ellen Sy  Click here to see A Roof!  Other ways to thank Stefanie are to review A Roof! or post on your social media about A Roof!

Twitter Handle: @agentstefanie

Hanh is donating a signed copy of her book  The Yellow Áo Dài and a 20-minute Ask Me Anything session!

(Contiguous US only for books, please)

Inspired by her first teacher at the refugee camp, Hanh Bui pursued a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and taught second grade. She serves as co-chair of the Equity and Inclusion Team for the Mid-Atlantic region of SCBWI, and has been featured in Highlights For Children magazine and Next Avenue.  She is the author of The Yellow Áo Dài and Ánh's New Word. 

Please thank Hahn for her donation by ordering her book:  Click here to order Hahn's Book.  Other ways to thank Hahn are to review her book or post on your social media about her book.

Twitter Handle: @hanhbuiwrites 

Ciara is donating a winner's choice non-rhyming picture book critique or non-fiction picture book critique

Ciara is also offering a virtual class visit for a school or library of the winner's choice.

Combine humor with picture books. Stir in a children’s illustrated biography. Add in a pinch of nonfiction writing, and a dash of educational curriculum creation…and Voila! You have author, Ciara O’Neal. This mother of seven is also a, librarian, book blogger, SCWBI member, and a purveyor of puns. She plots world domination with a donut in each hand.

Twitter: @Ciaralovesbooks 

Please thank Ciara for her donation by purchasing or requesting your library purchase her books.

Find Ciara's books here.

Other ways to thank Ciara would be to review  her books, follow her on social media, or share about her books on social media.

Kaitlyn is donating a winner's choice fiction picture book or dummy critique or above the slushpile submission opportunity.

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez is a mom, wife, math teacher, picture book author, and an agent with Bradford Literary Agency. She is also the co-creator and co-host of the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest, the creator of the Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy Contest, and one of the co-hosts of Kidlit Zombie Week with her critique group 6 Ladies and a MANUSCRIPT. In her free time, she loves to play soccer, binge-watch TV shows, and, of course, read. Especially when her husband and daughter cozy up so they can all read together.


Twitter: @KaitlynLeann17

Please thank Kaitlyn for her donation by checking out and sharing (with your friends and/or on social media) about her critique services: Critiques with Kaitlyn

Other ways to thank Kaitlyn would be to buy or review her clients' books, which can all be found here:

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