Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

Your Challenge:

Find a gif and write a spring-inspired story. Blossoming flowers? Sure! Easter eggs? You bet! Mothers day? Of course! Anything related to Spring is yours for the telling.

Spring Fling Rules

1.    Your story should be geared towards kids ages 12 or under.

2.    Choose a gif to inspire your story. 

3.  All gifs should be child appropriate and in no way be derogatory towards any faith, race, etc.

4.  Now for the dreaded word count! You have 150 words. That’s it! No more but less is always welcome.

5.    Your title is not included in the word count.

6.    No illustration notes pretty please.

7.    Your gif should be the only visual with your story.

8.     The Spring Fling contest officially begins on April 1st.

9.     From April 1st to April 3rd, post your gif and story on your blog. (If you have one.)

10.  Then, add the link to your blog to the form on the Entries page of Ciara's blog*

11. Deadline for posting your story or the link to your story is April 3rd, 2024 at 11:59pm CST.

12. Only one entry per contestant is permitted. 

***If you do not have a blog, post your entire story in the section provided on the form.***

Check out our example stories!

Kaitlyn's Example: SPLASH!

Guest Judge, Cindy Lurie's Example: Sunshine for Emily

Kaitlyn's Second Example: PETALS

Ciara's Example: Slim Pickings: Dear Diet Diary

The NON-EXAMPLE (what not to do, dun, dun, duuuuunnn)

There you have it! Don’t let this chance pass you over. Hop to your computer and spring into writing!

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Winners get to select one of the prizes!