Anyone can nominate any person, team or group for consideration by the Sprague High School Hall of Fame Selection Committee. Consideration should be given to nominees that accomplished major feats during and after their career as a Sprague Olympian, or on behalf of the Sprague High School Athletic Department. Nomination criteria are outlined in the constitutional By Law noted below.

If you would like to nominate someone for future Hall of Fame consideration, please fill out the HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM

NOMINATION BY LAWS: Article X: Nomination and Entry

  • Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

  • Nomination applications will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee during the months of January and February, with induction approval completed by March 1st.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone for entry. However, qualified nominees must meet one or more of the following criteria:

    1. Individuals nominated as a former Sprague athlete must have been a letter winner at Sprague High School and be a minimum of 28 years of age.

    2. Individuals nominated as a Sprague staff member may be nominated at any time.

    3. Teams nominated for their achievements in a particular school year will only be considered after a minimum of ten years have elapsed since the year of the achievement for which they have been nominated

    4. Community members that have contributed significantly to the Sprague High School Athletic Department in their role as a community member/civic leader may be considered for induction at any time.

  • Entry into the HOF for each nominee will be contingent upon a balloted vote of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

  • Nominees not selected will be considered the following year. Any nomination not selected in five consecutive HOF inductions will have their application removed from consideration