Sport Smart is not a normal sporting goods store. Our services, goals and motivations are different. We support student athletes and the teams, schools, and organizations for which they play. We have a modest pro shop where we fill the gap in both used equipment sales and service as well as equipment for the ice sports. In addition to the pro shop, our team sales division provides high quality, customized, team apparel and uniforms at affordable prices.

Team Sales

Our team sales division works to help you meet the needs of your fans by providing highly customized high quality fan gear. We work with your organization to provide high quality affordable team apparel and jerseys. We can also work with your organization to conduct apparel fundraisers or work with you individually for a one of a kind garment.


The focus of our pro shop is in support of the ice sports; Hockey and Figure Skating. We also buy and sell used Lacrosse equipment. Our mission is to make participation in sports less expensive, less wasteful, and more fun. Student athletes are at the core of our mission. They outgrow their equipment quickly and it can become expensive keeping them geared up for their favorite sports. At Sport Smart you can sell the equipment they've outgrown and purchase used equipment to keep them prepared for competition, all at a fraction of the prices of purchasing new. Play Smart and Buy Smart at Sport Smart.


Chief among the sports that we support is the great sport of ice hockey. Until now there have been no options in Charleston and surrounding areas to purchase hockey equipment. Sport Smart's location in the South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena is perfect as we work with the rink to ensure our players and families have full Hockey Pro Shop support.