SpookySwap : Best places to buy SpookySwap

We read a quote somewhere that read- “There is magic in the night, where pumpkins glow by moonlight”, and we were taken to every happy memory we’ve had of Halloween. Remember, how we used to get excited to pick our costumes, to wait for our houses to glow up and then, go out in the neighborhood for the very amazing “Trick or Treat”?

Well, you don’t have to wait for October to celebrate Halloween anymore, metaphorically. We bring to you an exclusive crypto exchange that keeps up with all the scary elements of the occasion, including its name- SpookySwap.

The following read has been carefully laid out with precisely collected information about the automated market maker platform that suffices its nature of being a decentralized exchange. Move on the read and learn about the majorly renowned terms that work best and the worst in your search for the exchange platform.

In addition to that, we’ll be walking you through the explicit steps that you’d have to undergo to make your purchase on the Spooky Swap exchange platform, followed by a small section that comprises the website links to help you get the best out of this decentralized exchange (DEX).

Go through the major features of the exchange platform

As you can make out by the subject head, this part of the read would help you learn about the major traits that the DEX SpookySwap has been entailed with:

  • Users are entitled to trade in crypto at the current market price

  • Authority to set up a limit order price for each hour of the day is an added perk

  • Trading results in payment of 0.2% trading fee and o.22% on all limit orders

Learn about the “spooky” terms that the exchange offers

This part of the read is prepared to share exclusive details on the terms that the SpookySwap exchange is searched with, learned about from, and more:

  • SpookySwap Volume- It refers to the frequency and the number of times the crypto coins have shifted over a specified time period.

  • SpookySwap Bridge: It is a service provided by the brand that connects the path between two or more network chains so that the coins can move.

  • SpookySwap Fantom- This refers to the fact that SpookySwap has been operating on the exclusively designed Fantom Opera Network.

  • SpookySwap NFT- These are non-fungible tokens known as Magicats, the Genesis limited series, initiated by the lead artist of SpookySwap (can mint NFTs to utilize art assets).

  • “Spooky from on my block”, or “on my block Spooky”- Well, this is different from what we are discussing here but, this would accomplish the goal of helping you with enhancing your crypto journey. Therefore, do not search for these terms, it would not take you anywhere near the Spooky Swap website.

Specified procedure for how to buy on SpookySwap

Here, in this part of the read, you’ll get to know about the exclusive procedure for making a purchase on the service platform. So, let’s help you through the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection so that you do not get interrupted in between.

  2. Use a browser to get into the CoinMarketCap website and look for the SpookySwap option.

  3. Now, head on to choosing the “Market” option, which can be found near the given price chart.

  4. Scroll through the list of places you can get the Spooky crypto and choose the best alternative.

  5. Head to the “Pairs” option and use the shorthand for “BOO” with a second crypto for the pair.

  6. Maintain a proper pace with the instruction prompts to wrap up the purchase transaction.

Note: Keep in mind that the list of places to make a purchase would come along with the list of currencies you can use to close the deal.

Web links and social handles to experience SpookySwap

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through some of the website links that can help you with two particular things- visiting the official site to learn and get help, as well as the connecting to the exclusive social handles of the Spooky Swap community:


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you with understanding the SpookySwap exchange at length. We have prepared a few small sections that cater to different information about the exchange including the major features, followed by the renowned terms that made the cut for finding the Spooky Swap platform, and the explicit procedure to buy on the platform.

Also, last but not the least, the website links that can help us explore the exchange and the social handle that lets us be a part of the SpookySwap community. We assure you that the read above would definitely prove efficient in making your crypto journey magical.


What is SpookySwap?

In a world where digital assets (especially cryptocurrencies) have been dominating major financial decisions, SpookySwap is one of the exclusive and most reliable automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange services for the unique Fantom Opera Network. The few factors that make the exchange different from all the other DEXs can be named as the BOO token (the official governance token of SpookySwap), tons of diverse farms, a fully-functional built-in bridge, limit order tools and services that are entirely user-centric.

How do you get Spooky Swap coin?

The most ideal way to acquire the SpookySwap coin is to perform token swaps on the exclusive Fantom Opera network with the lowest fees you can probably think of or to contribute to the liquidity pool that every other user heads to, for swapping coins and receiving the swap fees.

Where can I buy spooky swap Crypto?

Let us guide you through the process that you’d have to undergo before you can buy the SpookySwap crypto token/s.

  1. Begin by heading into the CoinMarketCap website.

  2. Search for the digital locations that sell SpookySwap crypto.

  3. Choose from the list of results to place your purchase order.

  4. On the picked out platform and wrap up with making the purchase.

How do I withdraw from SpookySwap?

Get a detailed walkthrough of the steps that you need to undergo as and when you decide to withdraw from the SpookySwap liquidity:

  1. Initiate by heading into the liquidity withdrawal page by the brand.

  2. Settle on a crypto pair to import from the available liquidity pool.

  3. Then head into the Liquidity- My Potions on the official site (the pool).

  4. Wait for some time to get FTM-SFI liquidity to make its appearance.

  5. As it comes up on-screen, go for it and then go forth with “Withdraw”.

  6. Place your hit on “All” and when the approval window comes, hit “Approve”.

  7. Wait to get approved by the service and then go on to hit “Withdraw”.

  8. Follow the Spooky Swap prompts and finish up to close the transaction.

Can I connect Trust wallet to SpookySwap?

SpookySwap is one of the most reliable and exclusively designed decentralized exchanges that functions on the Fantom Opera network. It offers users with a liquidity pool full of compatible crypto tokens, contributing to which, users get to collect swap crypto and earn the swap fees. Now, users also have the authority to connect their crypto wallets for certain transactions, and here’s how:

  1. Head into the official website for the service platform.

  2. Spot “Connect Wallet” on the top-right corner and go for it.

  3. You’ll be shown a list of all the compatible wallets.

  4. Choose the one you want (in this case, the Trust Wallet option).

  5. Keep up with the prompts that come up and approve the connection.