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Gavin Theodore

Meet Gavin Theodore! Gavin ended up being seized in a county that didn’t allow bully breed types, so he was only allowed to be saved by a rescue at the shelter he found himself in. He is a very good boy with a lot of playful "puppy" energy but is super smart and listens very well to redirection/calming directions. He has done well with other dogs here at the rescue. He is a super sweet dude with the most beautiful green eyes.

Gavin is currently not neutered and we will need to get him neutered prior to any custody transfer for adoption.

Cost: $450.00

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Mason Timothy

Meet Mason Timothy! Mason is the cutest boy! Don't let his size fool you–he is a big baby and has the "little" bark to prove it! :) Mason found himself at a shelter being very thin and in need of a lot of vetting to get him healthy! He is a happy, healthy boy now and is learning that he will be able to get (and eat) his food and treats every day and that no one is going to take them from him and leave him to go hungry. He has come a long way since we rescued him but still can guard his food (mostly it is just high value treats now like his peanut butter), so we are continuing to work with Mason before we will allow him to be adopted. He has never been aggressive or mean when he guards his food; he just doesn't want you taking it. We also respect Mason's boundaries and believe that is why he has come so far in this issue. Mason is a bit "pulley" on leash and can be a little hand shy at times, but he is a super loving boy and he even has a wonderful playful side. He does very well in his crate and needs time to adjust in the house.

Mason is currently not neutered and we will need to get him neutered prior to any custody transfer for adoption.

Cost: $450.00

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Marvin Jesse

Say hello to MARVIN JESSE everyone!!! Marvin was set to be euthanized at the shelter he was at because they were full and needed his space for more incoming dogs, and as the longest resident there, he was set to be the first to be euthanized. Marvin found himself at the shelter after being saved from the neglected and abused end of a chain. He was very scared and very underweight with some skin issues and was heartworm positive, but thanks to RADAR Dogs we have some help getting his treatment taken care of! He was put inside, with air conditioning (the shelter he came from is a setup of a concrete slab with kennels-all outdoors), blankets, yummy treats, and lots of patient and loving people for the first time at the vet. Marvin is nervous meeting new people, but once he sees you are good people, he instantly loosens up into a playful puppy-type goober!

Marvin is in need of neutering and heartworm treatment before he will be able to be adopted out.

Cost: $1,550.50

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Priscilla Nicole

PRISCILLA NICOLE!!! Unfortunately this senior baby girl was in really bad condition when she arrived here. Her skin was scabby, she was full of matted hair, and there were flaked out chunks of scabs caught up in her hair. The sweater the shelter put on her was sticking to scabs and was filthy. The whole time she was at the previous shelter, she was not bathed... not even once. Part of her lower jaw was also broken. She really loved being loved on during the car ride here and did very well in the car (she got nervous on stops and who can blame her after being dumped at a rest stop off the highway)! Lil miss Priscilla got a medicated bath immediately after walking around the yard exploring for a little bit (technically a shower because she was so scared I got in with her). I clipped out her matting and the scabs that were to entangled to come out and and dried her off gently but very well since it is cold outside and when we were all done she gave a bunch of happy tail wags and was visibly feeling much better!

Priscilla is in need of an echo and dental surgery.

Cost: $737.00

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Fawzy Bear

Fawzy, which means triumphant, is only around 3 or 4 years old. He hasn't had an easy life. We would even argue he's probably had no life at all, and until very recently, has only known humans to be the things that monsters are made of. He has been starved and has much weight to gain. He has sores all over his body from most likely lying/sitting on concrete most of his days, he has hair loss (probably from flea dermatitis), and malnutrition. Most of his teeth are severely worn down from most likely chewing on whatever he could to try to eat or survive or keep himself entertained. He is wary of touch at first, but once he knows it won't be hurtful, he warms up to it. He was terrified and shutdown at the shelter, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. He has a good road ahead of him for a full recovery, and given his life, he is heartworm positive. He was able to snuggle (probably for the first time in his life), to watch television, to lay on a cushy, soft couch, and play with fluffy toys on his first night here.

Fawzy is in need of neutering and heartworm treatment before he will be able to be adopted out.

Cost: $1,550.00

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Calvin Hershell

Calvin is not yet available for adoption, but we are working with him to overcome his nervousness around people from having been severely abused.

Calvin will also need to be neutered before he can be adopted out.

Cost $450.00

Sponsor Calvin