English conversation lessons.
Highly focused for faster fluency. 


Are you an intermediate or advanced level English speaker and sometimes feel shy, nervous or intimidated using English at work, college or university?

Perhaps there are specific situations such as job interviews in English, meetings or giving presentations in English where you feel additional pressure.

I offer specialist, focused coaching to help you dramatically increase your confidence speaking English.

Focused, practical progress.
English has become the common language of the world and the international language of business, there is no better time to consider what obstacles might be blocking you from feeling truly confident using English when working or studying and how to take specific, effective action to successfully overcome these blocks. By working with me to increase your English speaking confidence you can open doors to further or university education, a new job, progression within the organisation where you currently work, a higher income or perhaps moving to and settling in a new country.

Coaching to confidently speak English.   
I offer one-to-one coaching that can help you to identify and focus on the specific areas you need to change or develop in order to become confident using the English language. I can work with you online, in any location worldwide, to increase your English speaking fluency. 

Coaching with a native UK English tutor.
If you ever feel shy, nervous or intimidated speaking English, focused one-to-one coaching to increase your speaking confidence may well be the solution for you.

My name is James Stewart, I am a native  English speaker and English language coach (I was born and grew up in England and have a British English accent). I am a UK university graduate, certified teacher of English as a foreign language and have well over two decades experience  of working and providing training in UK university, corporate business and health service environments. I specialise in one-to-one coaching for speakers of English as a second language to significantly increase their fluency and confidence speaking English.

For spoken English skills I focus on effective communication, listening, pronunciation, developing speaking skills, expanding vocabulary and relevant English phrases for your area of work or study. With me, you will learn the English that native speakers use. 

At the start of our work together we will agree a coaching plan which includes an English placement exercise (this is not a test, it is a useful tool to provide an indication of areas of English language strength and areas that are opportunities for development) so we can quickly become aware of specific aspects of English that can be focused upon in order to significantly increase your confidence using the language.  The coaching I offer is highly focused and relevant to your needs. I aim to help you identify, question and step free from potentially limiting assumptions, thinking patterns and approaches to speaking English. This focus might mean that we work together on specific workplace or study situations where you may feel pressure such as interviews, meetings and presentations or more generally on your confidence speaking English in the workplace or educational environment.

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I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals to increase your confidence speaking English.

Resources for English  language listening skills.
Video: English for presentations at work (this video is 5 minutes and 30 seconds long).

Video: English for networking at work (this video is 5 minutes and 50 seconds long).

Video: Having an appraisal at work in English (this video is 6 minutes long).

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