Spokane Serenity Solutions Counseling Services

Empowering Individuals, Couples, and Families


In Individual Therapy, we will define what you are wanting to accomplish.  Gain support with what comes up between sessions each week, increase coping skills for added resilience, gain awareness of body, thought, and emotion, and  if needed, resolve any past trauma, empowering you to be who you want to be. 


In Couples Therapy, we will create a strength-based relational focus on the problem where through the assessment process, we name what is actually happening between you both.  From this we can create a goal specifically tailored you both and from this practices that work to improve your relationship. 


In Family Therapy, we will get everyone on the same page with what the issue actually is.  This is a short-term therapy with an average of 8-12 sessions.  Within the first 1-3 sessions, a relational assessment will be provided and from this a tailored program to resolve the specific issue you came in for.  

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