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Tony Browning : Owner/Operator

Clean and Safe Cleaning Process.

To Ensure the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning I carry out the Following Process:

1.)Your Carpets are Vacuumed with a Commercial Twin Motored Dry Extraction Unit. (This is very important and often overlooked by many cleaning technicians, 85% of soil in carpets is "dry loose soil and dust" if this gets wet it turns to sludge and is harder to remove, by carrying out this process you are half way towards the most clean and hygienic carpet clean possible.)

2.) Any Apparent Spots & Stains are Pre-Treated. (Please make me aware of any spills that may have happened pre-clean, if I can identify ay potential problems, then the more likely it is that I can treat them succesfully, to ensure total customer satisfaction.)

3.) Your Carpets are Pre-Sprayed with a Highly Effective but Safe Product. (Pets and children are totally safe, the cleaning solution I use is not only highly effective at breaking down dirt and soiling, but is classed as a "food Grade" substance, which means it is totally harmless which is good for you and the environment)

4.) A Commercial agitation unit works this Solution Deep into your Carpet Pile. (Sadly this is another process many cleaning technicians miss, imagine washing your hands under the tap but not agitating, it's the same with carpets, by agitating the pile the cleaning solution is worked deep into the fibres ensuring the "deep-down soiling" is removed, ensuring you receive the best value for your money and the best possible clean.)

5.) The Twin Vacuumed Carpet Extraction Unit Rinses and Sanitises Your Carpets. (The now loose soil and dirt is rinsed away and because the machine used is very powerful your carpets are left damp, not wet for days. Many carpet I clean are almost dry upon completion)

By Following the above approved Method of Cleaning I ensure that you will receive Clean, Healthy Carpets, and you can rest assured that the cleaning solutions I use are in no way harmful to pets and children.

A Similar but modified version of the above is used in cleaning your upholstery, the main difference, due to the delicate nature of upholstery is that the agitation is carried out manually to ensure your furniture is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

When I have finished you do not need to worry about carpets taking days to dry and you don't need to be concerned with your carpets getting dirty quicker now that they have been cleaned. Some "Budget Carpet Cleaners" along with people who Hire DIY Cleaning are mainly responsible for this problem, which results in harsh chemicals residues being left in your carpets, mainly due to poor operator cleaning ability and lack of training.

In addition to Hot Water Extraction cleaning solutions, I am also able to offer the other two recognised cleaning solutions as and where necessary, namely Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning, so whatever your cleaning requirements may be, I have all of the correct cleaning methods available to you.

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