Speed Post Tracking

Track the Status of the Indian post office using the speed post tracking feature. You have to use the tracking number provided to know the status of your speed post.

What could be the better way to check the speed post tracking status of the Indian post office parcel? The online speed post tracking system provides a unique way to track the status of the courier sent through the Indian postal department. This is an express service that guarantees the delivery of the package within 5 days to any part of India.

To send parcels to the international locations, the ems post has to be used. The consignment status of the packages sent to international locations can also be tracked using the online India post tracking inquiry feature.

There is an interesting part of fetching the status of the speed post of Indian post office. The https://www.espeedpost.in online portal is for tracking the speed post of the courier sent through the Indian postal department. Customers have to use the AWB tracking number to get the status of the parcels.

India post types of courier services

The Indian postal department is completely controlled by the government of India and is under the supervision of ministerial affairs. All these big giants have looked at what the type of services that other international courier services are offering and have come up with two main categories. On a high level, the services are classified into domestic and international.

When the parcel is booked within India, then it is called speed post and if it is booked to international locations then it is called EMS post. You won't see any difference with the process of sending the post except the price that you pay for the delivery. The peed post is an absolute winner in the Indian post office history. Anyhow, let see how to enquiry the status of the consignment.

India post tracking

The steps detailed here will help you in checking the india post tracking status of the consignment online.

You should keep the tracking number with you. It is very easy to find out the tracking number. Just look at the receipt that is given as an acknowledgment.

The next big thing is how do you want to track it? Do you want to track online or through SMS service? Tracking through SMS service is out of this guide. So, only online tracking is provided here.

Login to the official Indian post office agent website and input the consignment number. Bingo, you have the tracking status.

Have you heard about the registered post tracking? Another superb courier service launched by the postal department. An absolute winner when it comes to tracking. After the delivery, you will even get the addressee signature. A proof that makes you believe that the package has been delivered.

The passport service department also even uses the speed post for delivering the passport to their applicants. That's why many people actually look for the passport speed post tracking system. Both the departments are owned by the government of India, that is the reason speed post is used of delivering the passports. Not only the passports, but any official document produced by the Indian government is also delivered either through the registered post of speed post.

Till now we have seen the services offered only at a high level. Now we will see in-depth, the different services offered by the postal department.

Business Solutions: Do you own a business where you have to deliver a lot of letters to your customers.? Then this service is especially for you. You can save a lot of money by making an agreement and use this stunner. With just Rs.10K per month, you can avail of this solution and will be able to send parcels to the customers. You will be given a dedicated stamp on your business which you can use it to stick on the letters. On the other hand you will get to use the India post tracking feature online for free.

Click and Book: This is like an eCommerce solution where you can register and buy products. On the postal website, you can register for an account and purchase stamps, books, news articles, and many more. You can track all your orders and can even view the past transactions that you have made. Philately lovers will view this as a wonderful opportunity for buying the postage stamps.

In short, the speed post tracking is an online solution that helps customers of Indian post office to track the status of their courier immediately. Alternatively, the india post tracking mobile service can also be used to check the status.

Speed Post Tracking
Speed Post Tracking