Sensing and Predictive Analytics for Computational HEalthcare Systems (SPACHeS) Laboratory

SPACHeS Lab' research interests encompass health informatics with the focus on connected healthcare systems and prognostic analytics to address the current challenges of the P5 paradigm. Interdisciplinary research directions include:

1) Data-driven and Sensor-based Modeling to characterize the coupling dynamics of the pathological processes via investigating the nonlinear lump parameter model of the biological processes driven by the collected sensor data;

2) Medical Device Manufacturing and Bio-signal Processing for deploying customized signals and data by considering the wearable, non-invasive, IoT, and point-of-cared designs with the integration of nonlinear bio-signal processing techniques and machine learning algorithms

3) Predictive Analytics for Personalized Healthcare to forecast acute event onsets by qualifying the transition of the system dynamics from the normal to abnormal conditions via time series prediction models integrated with nonlinear dynamic system approaches.


  • 11/2022: The work on a hybrid multi-scale approach to model hospital-acquired infection risk using domain knowledge of disease transmission dynamics "A domain-knowledge modeling of hospital-acquired infection risk in Healthcare personnel from retrospective observational data: A case study for COVID-19" has been published in PLoS One. Congrats to Phat Huynh!

  • 8/2022: SPACHeS Lab moved to University of South Florida.

  • 5/2022: Dr. Le has been selected to receive the NDSU's Peltier Award for Teaching Innovation.

  • 2/2022: The collaborative work on random slope modeling of temporal association between napping and nocturnal sleep "Daily associations between daytime napping and nocturnal sleep: An exploration of random slopes" has been published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

  • 1/2022: The work on quantifying the causal effects of the latent variables in Causal Bayesian Network "Causal Inference in Longitudinal Studies Using Causal Bayesian Network with Latent Variables" has been published in 2022 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) Conference Proceedings. Congratulations to Phat Huynh!

  • 11/2021: Dr. Le received an NSF grant as a Co-PI for the project "RII Track-2 FEC: Artificial Intelligence on Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Network (AI SUSTEIN) and Beyond towards Industries of the Future".

  • 11/2021: The work on the fabrication and characterization of conductive organic fibers for wearable sensor design "Development and Characterization of Novel Conductive Sensing Fiber for In-vivo Nerve Stimulation" has been accepted in Sensors.

  • 05/2021: The work on validation framework for wearable sleep trackers "Validation Framework for Sleep Stage Scoring in Wearable Sleep Trackers and Monitors with PSG Ground Truth" has been published in Clock and Sleep. Congratulations to Quyen Nguyen and Toan Le!

  • 03/2021: The work on modeling of pathogenic domain knowledge with two case studies of Atrial Filbrillation and Obstructive Sleep Apnea "Probabilistic domain-knowledge modeling of disorder pathogenesis for dynamics forecasting of acute onset" has been published in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Congratulations to Phat Huynh!

  • 03/2021: The work on interoperability solution for IoT health system "Developing an Architecture for IoT Interoperability in Healthcare: A Case Study of Real-time SpO2 Signal Monitoring and Analysis" has been published in 2020 IEEE Big Data Conference Proceedings. Congratulations to Quoc Nguyen!

  • 02/2021: Dr. Le received the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-DACCOTA Ready-to-go Grant

  • 01/2021: Welcome Thang Bui to join SPACHes Lab

  • 12/2020: Dr. Le received EPSCOR_North Dakota Grant

  • 10/2020: Dr. Le received the NDSU-EPSCOR STEM Grant

  • 10/2020: Welcome Noah Jackson to join SPACHeS Lab

  • 08/2020: Welcome Toan Le to join SPACHeS Lab

  • 07/2020: The work on localization of infarct-related arteries "A Dynamic Systems Approach for Detecting and Localizing of Infarct-Related Artery in Acute Myocardial Infarction Using Compressed Paper-Based Electrocardiogram (ECG)" has been published in Sensors

  • 02/2020: Sleep Lab at SPACHeS lab went into operation

  • 10/2019: Dr. Le received the North Dakota-EPSCOR Undergraduate Research Grant

  • 9/2019: Dr. Le received the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-DACCOTA Feasibility Grant

  • 9/2019: Welcome Quoc Nguyen and Ifeoma Okonwko to join SPACHeS Lab

  • 5/2019: Welcome Quang Dang and Drew Grondahl to join SPACHeS Lab

  • 10/2018: Dr. Le attended the NSF 2018 Connections in Smart Health Workshop

  • 8/2018: Dr. Le received the "Annual Science and Technology Award",Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam National University

  • 8/2018: Welcome Phat Huynh and Huy Pham to join SPACHeS Lab at North Dakota State University

  • 8/2018: SPACHeS Lab moved to North Dakota State University

  • 7/2017-6/2018: Dr. Le accepted to be the local chair of the "7th International Conference in Vietnam on the Development of Biomedical Engineering"

  • 12/2017: Dr. received Leader in Innovation Fellowship-UK Royal Academy of Engineering

  • 7/2017: Dr. Le received the "Distinguished Researcher Award" International University

  • 3/2017: Congratulation Team Casandra-Huy Cu, Nguyen Pham, Truc Nguyen, Dr. Trung Le for the 1st place of the National Instruments Innovation Design Competition for Young Entrepreneurs in Vietnam 2017

  • 6/2017: Congratulation Team Casandra-Student members: Huy Cu, Nguyen Pham, Truc Nguyen, Huynh Kha Vy, Huy Pham and Dr. Trung Le1st place at National Competition and Semi-finalist at International Competition VietChallenge - Global Entrepreneurship Competition for Vietnamese,

  • 6/2016: Congratulation Huy Cu and Tuan Nguyen for the best student paper award, “Validation of Wireless Wearable Electrocardiogram System for Real-Time Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring” at 6th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam, IFMBE Proceedings, Vol. 63, pp 771-777, Springer 2017

  • 6/2016: Congratulation Quan Tran for the best student paper award, “Electrophysiological modeling in generalized epilepsy using surface EEG and anatomical brain structures” at 6th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam, IFMBE Proceedings, Vol. 63, pp 699-704, Springer 2017

  • 6/2016: Dr. Le accepted to be the Lead coordinator of “Vietnam-UK Workshop on Development and Applications of Advanced Biomaterials and Medical Devices to Improve Health Outcomes of Underserved Populations,” -Sponsor by British Council

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