Call for Abstracts

We invite all attending students, fellows and other researchers to submit one-page abstracts describing their work related to MR-based brain imaging and/or machine learning applied to the medical imaging field (CT, ultrasound, x-ray, etc.). These works may be related to image acquisition, reconstruction, segmentation, classification, among others. These abstracts may include research plans (research proposal abstracts), preliminary results (work-in-progress abstracts) and completed studies (standard abstracts). We recommend that each abstract contain a graphical figure that depicts the methodology or proposal. To be eligible for trainee travel support, the trainee must submit an abstract. Accepted abstracts will be presented as a 3 minute power pitch format followed by discussion among the attendees of the workshop. They will also be presented as electronic posters, where participants will have the chance to have more personal interactions.

An abstract example can be found in this link.

  • Submission deadline: September 15th extended to September 21st 2018 (firm final deadline)
  • Notification of acceptance: September 30th 2018

Review Criteria

Each abstract will be evaluated by two members of the Abstract-Poster Review and Evaluation Sub-Committee. The following criteria will be assessed:

  • Purpose/question (purpose clearly stated, questions related to purpose, relevance of research questions)
  • Methods description (quantitative or qualitative; stats, measures, conceptual framework, strategy etc.)
  • For abstracts showing results, whether the results are clearly presented, discussed and justified.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract submission is simple. Send your abstract (.pdf, or .doc formats) to roberto.medeirosdeso@ucalgary.ca and mariana.pinheirobent@ucalgary.ca. In the subject of the email put AB - SP BrainHack Abstract Submission: <your name>. Along with the Abstract-Poster Review and Evaluation Sub-Committee, they will discuss and redirect your abstracts to the appropriate reviewers.