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There is something to be said about sharing space with someone. Whether you be laughing or sitting in silence, sharing space with others is a special experience. But what influence does the physical “space” itself have on such experiences? When you walk into a room, what is the first thing you notice? It’s a sensory overload; the colors, shapes, sizes, textures and smells filling the space from wall to wall. What do those senses convey to you? Personally, when I first walk into a room I feel either a sense of either comfort or discontent from such senses. I believe there is a direct correlation between the décor and resultant ambiance of a room and the energy it puts off. When I think back to my time at a place, there are feelings I relive that were associated with those memories. Appropriate décor may set the mood of a room and enhance the feelings and memories being formed within.

On a personal note, appropriate décor has mattered in my life as it has provided a sense of stability. Furnishing my first college apartment was preceded by months of planning and visualizing for my new home away from home. As anticipated, moving away from home for the first time posed challenges, as I was faced with the stress of school, unfamiliar faces, and a new living environment. In an attempt to create a sense of stability, I embraced the opportunity to create an environment that would bring me a sense of home and comfort. My room is my oasis, providing soothing energy amidst the hustle and bustle that lay outside my door. I believe that décor has a large influence in the ambiance of my room; therefore as I sought to create a comforting environment I knew the décor was key. I brought a few statement pieces with me to my new place as a starting point, to make me feel like a piece of home is always with me. I enjoy a pallet of neutral colors, as they make me feel clean and orderly. Oversized pieces of décor were included for they make me feel uncluttered, and draped crisp white curtains as they bring me a sense of calmness. I have found what specific visual stimuli evoke such comforting and positive feelings within, and have designed my room around that. This influences my mood as I wake up and feel calm when I see my curtains, and increases my productivity as I study in my uncluttered and orderly environment. All in all, the décor has created an environment that has helped me be successful and content.

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