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Let’s go on a blog tour to Austin, Texas across the United States.


This city is the capital of Texas, being an inland city surrounding the Hill country region. This city is the base for the University of Texas & is also known for its elective live music. Generally the residents of Austin are known as Austenite. Austin is recognized as a "clean-air city" for its strict no-smoking ordinances that apply to all public places and buildings, including restaurants and bars.

Give your music frenzy a new level by attending the Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits (ACL) is Austin’s largest music festival, held every October over two consecutive weekends in Zilker Park. This year’s edition takes place on the weekends of October 5-7 and October 12-14 and will feature over 130 bands playing on eight different stages. Acts come from across the full breadth of rock, pop and hip hop, with 2018’s roster already promising headliners as varied as Paul McCartney, Travis Scott, Metallica and Childish Gambino. Check out Time Out’s ACL guide to navigate the best of this globally renowned, locally loved event. October isn’t that far start planning a trip now at Southwest Airlines Flights.

Bullock Museum

Texas has a past that's rich in both incident and influence. From the Kennedy Assassination to the Alamo, you will find a story about a great past attached to it. There's much more to the Lone Star State than first meets the eye. At the Bullock Museum, you'll find over four centuries of Texan history, with an abundance of artefacts on display in the exhibits, including an impressively renovated shipwreck, uncovering the past has never been so easy. Whether you're fascinated by tales of the Bush family, space exploration or trials of the Buffalo soldiers, this is one of the best museums in Austin. Plus, some of the exhibits here are interestingly interactive, meaning it is fun for the little ones too. Fly off to this city in a Southwest Airlines Reservations.

Give your taste buds a frenzy at the city’s best breakfast outlets

Universally revered for everything from their migas to their al pastor, the trailer (and now also a North Austin restaurant) sets itself apart from the city's fleets of other taco trucks thanks to ingredients and an environment that are fresh and clean enough to dispel the mystery meat stigma that follows many mobile Mexican vendors. Their breakfast tacos include a migas taco with a cult following; take one bite of the tortilla stuffed with eggs, tortilla chips, avocado, pico de gallo and cheese and we dare you not to become a fan. Little additions like homemade chips and fresh juices round out the menu, which has earned them a loyal following that's extended to additional outposts at Radio Coffee, North Burnet and Round Rock.

This a small list of things to explore in the city, to know more get yourself affordable Southwest Flight Deals now.