Rules and Regulations

Decoration of Graves

Decorations placed on graves shall be removed from the grave sites on or before the following deadlines:

1) Spring Cleanup:  All decorations will be removed from all grave sites on or before the first week of April each year including but not limited to all decorations located on a shepherd hook.

2) Holidays:  One week following the Holiday:  (Mother's Day,  Memorial Day, Father's Day, etc.)

3)  Burials:  One week after internment.

The District shall have the right to remove decorations in cases of emergency or as it is deemed necessary to facilitate maintenance and other work at the Cemetery.  The District may remove any decoration, at any time, if decorations do not meet cemetery regulations, are inappropriate, become unsightly, blow off monuments, interfere with routine mowing, maintenance or become a safety hazard.

Each grave shall be allowed to have no more than one shepherd hook with one hook/hanger.

Decorations may be placed on graves at any time if they meet the following regulations.

1) Only live flowers/plants, or artificial flowers/plants, baskets, sprays or wreaths are allowed.  (Live flowers/plants may be removed when dead at the discretion of the District.)

2) Decorations must be inside of the mow strip (concrete base) that surrounds the headstone and must be within an area four inches from all sides of the edge of the mow strip (concrete base) and shall not hang outside or in any way extend beyond that are.

Vault and Casket

All burials must include a casket and an approved vault of concrete, fiberglass or metal construction and must be installed in a professional and appropriate manner as determined by the District.

Construction Activities Pre-Approved

All construction activities conducted at the Cemetery must be approved by the Board in advance including but not limited to headstone installation, modification or removal.

Cemetery Fee Schedule

All fees including but not limited to burial space, opening and closing and outstanding perpetual care fees must be paid before burial will be allowed.  

BURIAL SPACE:  $100/grave (residents)  $3,000/grave (non-residents) - Contact Sexton to purchase right to bury.

OPENING AND CLOSING FEES: Billed by and paid directly, at time of service, to Georgi Construction, P.O. Box 206, Oakley, Utah 84055. Fees rates as of May 21, 2024. Contact Brad Georgi at 435-640-5339.

Fees are subject to change.  Call for current fee rates.

Headstones and Markers

The maximum number of headstones per grave shall be one except in the following instances:

1) Two headstones are permissible when one or more of the corpses have been cremated.

2) Two headstones are permissible where one or more of the graves involve an infant or small child.

In the event that there are two headstones on one grave site, at least one of the headstones must be flat and satisfy all other requirements as are applicable. 

Notwithstanding any other restriction, each grave can have one military marker, provided the placing of the marker on the grave is approved in advance by the Board, and is situated on the grave as directed by the Board.

The maximum dimensions of headstones including a six inch mow strip (concrete base) which is required with all headstones shall be as follows:

1) A single headstone shall not exceed four feet (4') in height, three feet (3') in width, and two feet six inches (2'6") in depth.

2) A double headstone shall not exceed four feet (4') in height, six feet (6') in width,  and two feet six inches (2'6") in depth.

Installation and Removal of Headstones and Markers

Installation of headstones is not the responsibility of the District.  All installations, modifications or removals will be done by or at the expense of the owner of the grave or an authorized representative of the owner.

Fences, Corner Posts, Copings, Walls, and other obstructions.

No person shall erect or maintain any fence, corner post, wall, coping, boundary, or obstruction of any kind, or plant any vegetation upon any lot/grave within the Cemetery.  No person shall grade any lot or other property within the Cemetery so as to alter the existing grade or slope within the Cemetery.  This regulation shall not be related to grave marks nor shall the same apply to the Sexton to provide for landscaping, maintenance and beautification of the Cemetery.  The Sexton shall remove any obstruction placed in violation of this regulation or otherwise remediate any violations of this regulation.


No shooting is permitted on any South Summit Cemetery Maintenance District properties.

Perpetual Care

All lots or burial spaces shall be sold only with perpetual care.  the District will provide for the care and maintenance of all lots within the Cemetery, including lots as may be developed in any future additions to the Cemetery

"Perpetual care" shall mean mowing, raking and watering grass at reasonable intervals, pruning of trees and shrubs and general preservation of the lots, burial spaces and grounds of the Cemetery.

"Perpetual care" shall not mean maintenance, repair or replacement of any headstones or markers.

All care and maintenance of the Cemetery shall be performed and controlled by the District only.  Individual maintenance of graves or lots is not permitted including but not limited to mowing, raking and watering of grass, pruning of trees and shrubs, etc.

Protection Against Loss

The District shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by the elements, vandals, thieves or other related causes.


Vehicles shall not be driven through the Cemetery at a speed greater than 10 miles per hour.  Motorcycles, ATV's, snow machines, or any other recreational vehicles are not permitted on the grounds.

Dogs, Horses, and other Animals

Dogs, horses, or any other animal shall not be allowed on the grounds.  The owner or keeper of any animal which trespasses upon the grounds shall be liable for any damage done by said animal.  The district will not be liable for any damage done by animals and does not assume responsibility for keeping animals out the Cemetery.

Change of Address

It shall be the duty of the burial space owner to notify the District of any change in mailing address.  Notice sent to such owner at the last address on file shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notice.