South London Go-Ride Racing League


The end of season league positions can be found here - please refer to the column "Best 3 Race Days". The league results are based on the best 3 race days each rider had, out of the 4 race days we were able to arrange (Instead of the best 5 of 8). For riders in 1st place positions in the league please be advised we now have engraved cups available, please contact Adam at to arrange collection - you then keep the cup until passing it on next year. For riders in 1st, 2nd and 3rd league positions please contact Adam at so you can arrange to collect your medals, as not everyone has collected yet - you get to keep your medals!

SPECIAL NOTE - RACING IS UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR 2020/21 - see the bottom of this page with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and future racing

What is the South London Go-Ride Racing League:

The South London Go-Ride Racing League put on entry level 'Go-Ride' children's cycle races in South London. They are organised by four local cycling clubs for children: Limited Edition Cycling Club, Penge Cycling Club, Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club and the Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club. Go-Ride races are entry level races for riders with little or no racing experience and are arranged under the auspices of British Cycling.

Everything you need to know can be found in our Information Sheet, including the Rider Entry Form, all located here. IMPORTANT: the Information Sheet on it's first page details who can / can not participate in this race series based on their past racing experience. These sheets and forms will be updated when the next race season is planned, including on age categories and years of birth.

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Details of each race and the results can be found in the menu.

We have an archive of photographs in the Photos section of the menu.

The UPDATED Data Privacy Notice for the League can be found here. This will be reviewed and may be updated when the next race season is planned.

Finally we also have a Facebook page at

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the South London Go-Ride Racing League 2020/21:

We are writing to keep you updated about the race league in the light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

2020/21 Season - It is now possible (since August / September 2020) to run cycle race events under detailed guidance from our governing body British Cycling, following Government guidance. However the four organising clubs are focusing for the rest of 2020 on the safe return of their club coaching activities. As such this season's race league will not commence until February 2021 at the earliest. In due course we will look to plan this season's race league bearing in mind whatever Covid 19 guidance changes may come from British Cycling and/or the Government... watch this space and Facebook! We appreciate this will be disappointing to many of our young racing cyclists, but safety must come first.

Full details of British Cycling's action plan / response to Covid 19 can be found on the British Cycling website.

Please continue to adhere to Government guidance, thank you

For regular updates from the UK government, go to