south arts festival


South Arts Festival began in 2017 as a one-day art fair, featuring artists, art groups and art galleries coming together at the Filinvest Tent to exhibit thousands of art. Of course, all for sale. You could purchase affordable art as well as more valuable art from masters. Since then, South Arts Festival has grown beyond the one-day art fair to become a community of artists and art groups that continue to exhibit all kinds of art for various occasions and at different venues. South Arts Festival has used its influence to raise funds for breast cancer awareness; to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community; to teach children; to celebrate nationalism; and to provide an opportunity for aspiring artists to share their art. At the recently concluded South Arts Festival 2022 at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, the activities included a 2-day art fair, sip & paint for kids and adults, free art supplies testing, a talk about NFTs, spoken word performances and sunset DJs to set a festive mood. The South Arts Festival experience is certainly evolving.


It has always been the priority of South Arts Festival to provide an opportunity for young and upcoming artists to exhibit their art, specially for those who don't have the privilege of gallery representation. We want to promote a festive celebration of art throughout various communities to develop a positive atmosphere for those who experience us. 


Our vision is to promote artists from all walks of life who create all kinds of varied art. We would like to build a healthy community of artists and art enthusiasts to come together to celebrate art. We want to share our brand of color, fun and inspiration to communities around the nation and even globally.