General Info

Policies & Procedures

Recital Procedures

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to showitme and NO MORE than 30 minutes prior. We run several shows back to back and our staff will not be ready for each group of performers more than 30 minutes prior.

As always, the safety of our dance family is our #1 priority. When students arrive at the recital they are to be signed in by a parent or guardian, and must be signed out when it is time to leave. STUDENTS MAY NOT BE PICKED UP IN THE HALLWAY AFTER THEIR PERFORMANCE. Each class must return to the Dressing Room first to ensure the care and safety of all performers.

Rising Stars dancers in Combo Levels 1-4 should arrive and be signed in to the General Dressing Room (Cafeteria) 15 minutes before show time. They are to be signed out at Intermission by the same adult that signed them into the dressing room. At this time they can use their Complimentary seat (see Ticket procedures) to enjoy the duration of the show with their families. The exceptions to the sign out process at Intermission are any Combo 5/Rising Stars Dancers & Pre-Ballet dancers who are also dancing in the second half/Act 2. If you have any questions regarding this process please email

We very much appreciate your patience at sign out while we confirm that dancers are signed out by their rightful guardian.

All other dancers can be signed into the General Dressing Room (Cafeteria) or Competition Dressing Room (Band Room) (whichever applies) 15-30 minutes before show time. They will be entertained by watching the recital livestreamed and lined up for awards performances in advance of the finale. Any dancer who is leaving in advance of the conclusion of the performance must email IN ADVANCE of June 8th to be placed on the early sign out list. Any dancer not on the sign out list will not be permitted to leave the theatre before the conclusion of the show, due to the safety of our dancers.

Please try not to bring anything valuable, especially electronic devices. Mobile phones are not to be taken backstage or in the changing areas during the recital. Our studio and the venue will take no responsibility if an item is damaged, misplaced, lost or stolen.

Please remain seated during performances. No one will be allowed to enter or exit the theater if a routine is onstage. Please be considerate of your fellow audience members and treat our dancers with the respect that they deserve during their performance. This is a great opportunity to review theater etiquette with our younger audience members. Keep talking to a minimum, limit movement in the theater and clap for all dancers!

Explicit language, inappropriate attire, offensive clothing and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated. Consuming alcohol and smoking are not permitted on the premises as per our contracts with the venue.

ALL students are to have their name marked off when they arrive at the venue. If your child has any Medical Conditions that may require attention whilst in our care or are carrying any medication with them, please notify our supervisors when you sign in. All medication (EPI Pens, Inahlers, etc) should be clearly labeled and given to our supervisors.

It is best to arrive with hair and makeup done and in costume.

What to Bring

All children must bring a clearly labeled bag with extra hair spray, gel, hair elastics, bobby pins, and safety pins. Again, please ensure any medication required is packed and clearly labelled with instructions.

Your makeup must also be packed and clearly labelled as well as your dance shoes, tights, socks and dance under garments. Don’t forget your costumes too! These are best hung on hangers and protected in a costume bag that is clearly labeled, so please keep and use the ones provided by the studio. If you have a portable costume rack, please bring it as hanging space is quite limited.

For students with multiple costumes we HIGHLY suggest a laundry basket to drop all used costumes in. This will make it easier for you to collect belongings at the end of the show and your dancer will have ease and speed of changing costumes when they don’t have to worry about hanging used garments. For extra convenience, consider labeling this basket with the name and/or photo of your child in case our backstage assistants do not know the names of all children.

FOOD AND DRINK - Costumes are easily ruined by food and drink stains. Students are not permitted to leave backstage area so please pack enough food and drink for the entire time. It is important they have something nutritious to keep their energy up as well as something that won’t stain – this means NO fast food, cheese snacks and chips, etc.. NO nuts or nut products due to potential allergies. They should bring labelled water – NO sodas or juice as it stains the costumes. This is for both the rehearsal and recital. Cover-ups are suggested for our youngest dancers.

Children are discouraged from bringing any valuables including phones, iPods, iPads and laptops as the venue and Stars of Tomorrow will not take responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen.

DVD & Photography

With considerable thought to copyright and child safety laws, personal photography or video recording is strictly prohibited. We have employed professional Videographers to capture these memories for you. This service will be provided free of charge to all families in attendance, and you will receive your performance via digital download just a few weeks after the show. We will also have live action shots being taken during the show! We know it is tempting to capture these moments yourself, but we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show in the moment, while knowing your memories are being preserved for you. We thank you in advance for adhering to these policies advising your recital guests to do the same, as it is our ultimate goal to know exactly who is filming your children and only wish for those with good intentions to be in possession of this footage. This policy ensures that only currently registered accounts and recital participants have access to this precious footage.

Miscellaneous "To Do’s"

  • Visit the studio and double check the spelling of your dancer’s name on our recital cast list
  • Double check the correct year for your dancer on the trophy list
  • Check the flyers and sign up for our Finale
  • Check out the parent portal for downloadable versions of your recital music and videos- get your dancers practicing!
  • Get your booster ads and dedication pages in for our Commemorative Recital Program by May 11th
  • Order Recital T’s by May 11th (a must if your dancer is participating in the finale)
  • Double check all recital information for your specific class!

Presentation of Awards

At the conclusion of our recital, all participants in Combo 5, Rising Stars Hip Hop & Pre-Ballet plus all Academy Levels, will be invited back to the stage for a brief presentation of trophies and celebration. All dancers will be released from the stage to their parent/guardians. One member of your family can come up to collect your dancer at the end of this presentation. You will need to return your Child's ID Tag at this time. Otherwise, they can return to the dressing room and be signed out there following the performance. We ask that you remain throughout the duration of the show to allow all these dancers a full audience to receive these special recognitions. All dancers within our program will receive their annual trophy at this time.