Sophie LJ Morris

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist

The Harbour SERIES

Acrylic, Oil Stick, Sand and Reclaimed Fishing Rope from St Ives on paper

Recent Works

The Kingsgate Bay SERIES

Acrylic AND Pastel on paper

The Margate SERIES

Acrylic, Oil Stick, Charcoal and collage on paper

The Tempest Series

Acrylic on paper

The Greenwich Peninsula Series

Acrylic, oil stick, pastel on paper

The Very Pink of Courtesy Series

Acrylic on paper - Two Remaining

Where The River Runs Through, i & ii

Acrylic, oil stick, pastel on paper

Little Landscapes

A Vow to the landscape Series

Acrylic, collage (torn photos and wedding vows), oil stick, charcoal on paper

Abstraction: Landscape - a Sense of Place

Greenwich Park, London

Porthmeor Seasons abstract series

After Hepworth

Porthmeor Spring

Porthmeor Summer

Porthmeor Autumn

Porthmeor Winter

The Porthmeor Surf Series

The Wave


It's a Washout

Purple Storm


Caught Inside

White Water

Into the Soup

The St Ives Series 

created out of a desire to reconnect with the coast

'Arriving' - captures the moment of returning to your favourite place.. The excitement as you get close and your heart beats faster. The first glimpse as the small coastal train goes around a headland. And there she is in all her beauty. Home.

'Rock Pooling' - rock climbing and looking for treasures in rock pools is just as much fun (maybe more?) than the sand and the sea. Looking for whole new worlds.

'Slipway' - an inviting pathway down to a quiet corner of the beach. A little doorway through to leaving the world behind and staring out to the horizon, taking in the power of the ocean.

'Three' - three rocks  break the otherwise calm ocean. Squinting to try and see what is on the rocks. Gulls? Seals? Mermaids?