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Welcome to my website.

Thank you so much for being interested enough in my writing that you have decided to have a look at what else I do!

I hope that I can give you regular updates across a range of the things I am currently working on and that you enjoy reading them.

October 2019

Addicted to "Sanditon" on ITV! Still! I cannot help myself! Charlotte and Sidney are fabulous. Just what you need to cheer you up when you are experiencing a bit of the old writers block. Still got a few more episodes to go - I sincerely hope they do not make me blub again.

September 2019

There is only one thing to do when feedback on your latest effort is less than stellar - watch the unfolding thrills of "Sanditon" instead.

Started by Jane Austen, finished by Andrew Davies, not everyone likes it, but I think Jane may well have loved it, just as I do. It is a fabulous romp whatever the current feedback might say!

This scene reminds me just a bit of "Wild Pen Carrington"!

November 2018

Thinking of what to wear for the Jane Austen Festival 2019 - September 13th to 22nd 2019. I did buy a fabulous new hat at the Guildhall Fayre this year.....

The festival has been captured on a fabulous video

Just the inspiration one needs when working on the next instalment of Wicked Wastrels....

There is something interesting to watch.........

October 2018

October is the month of Halloween and the nights drawing in, as well as having to get up in the mornings when it is still dark!

So.... more evenings sitting inside writing and checking the social media for all my favourite things!

And more time to sit and indulge in getting inspired.


September 2019

This month I worked a little more on my Wicked Wastrels story and rewatched my favourite hero and heroine reunite yet again on my favourite TV series.

I love those two!

I also visited the Jane Austen Festival in Bath and had a marvellous weekend tripping over my skirts and buying bonnets and hats.

Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth meet again at Riverrun

August 2019

The beautiful coast of Northern Ireland in the sunshine. Inspirational scenery and something to do with Game of Thrones Season 8!

This month I have been working on a story set in the regency universe of the Wicked Wastrels which involves a feisty heroine and a very reluctant hero embroiled in a tale of danger, lies and mysterious deaths.