Sonata Patio Homes One

This is a website for the residents of the Sonata Patio Homes I Association in Escondido, CA. Every attempt was made to make the information authentic and a representation of the official records of the Association's Board of Directors. The information contained within the website contains a copy of the Rules and Regulations given to every resident. Every meeting of the Board of Directors will be announced via this website and the documents associated with those meetings will be posted and updated. Every attempt will be made to be transparent and informative for the benefit of the Sonata Patio Homes I residents.

The community of Sonata in Escondido is located in South Escondido. Sonata is conveniently located near the Vineyard Golf Course, Kit Carson Park, and the Westfield North County Fair. Because of the topography, many of the homes in this community have views of the mountains or of scenic Lake Hodges.

Comprised of 70 town homes, 144 patio homes, and 149 single-family homes, Sonata has over 12 acres of commons areas with places to swim, hike, play tennis, or to just enjoy the great outdoors.

Built in the 1980s, the community of Sonata Escondido is comprised of 4 associations- Sonata Patio I (89 units), Sonata Patio II (55 units), Allegro (70 units), and Single Family (149). The patio homes provide spacious, organized floor plans, all with attached garages, and some single story. Homes range in size from 1,200 to nearly 2,700 square feet.

The Sonata Patio Homes I Association homes are located off of Huckleberry Lane on Orchid Glen, Gum Tree Glen, Gardenia Glen, Carnation Glen, Wildrose Glen, and Violet Glen.

The Board of Directors for the Sonata Patio Homes I Association meets 8-10 times per year. The meetings are held in the homes of the Directors on a rotating schedule. The calendar will show the address where the meeting will occur. Residents of Sonata I are welcome to attend.

Board of Directors for 2018

  • Dave Dollins, President
  • Jeff Felix, Vice-President
  • Jeff Budge, Treasurer
  • Mary Jane Zar, Secretary
  • Marion Rieger, Member

Marion Rieger was elected by the homeowners to replace Bud Colvis at the Annual Organizational meeting of the Board November 27, 2017. Jeff Felix was re-elected for a two-year term.


Certificate of Insurance for All Sonata Patio 1 Homes Now Available for Residents to Download

Longtime residents know that it is important to show our Certificate of Liability Insurance to our individual insurance agents and mortgage lenders in order to prove our homes are completely covered by comprehensive insurance.

Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle Insurance Company will be handling the insurance policies for the period 11/10/2018 – 11/10/2019 covering all of the “Real Property” subject to a $10,000 Deductible Real property means the buildings. The coverage is Walls‐In Including Betterments and Improvements which means finished interiors are included. Finished surfaces are: wall‐to‐wall carpets, built‐in cabinets, appliances, wallpaper, paint and any improvements added by an owner. A deductible is the portion of the loss you may be required to pay. One example of where the deductible may be yours to pay is: If your ice maker leaks causing a loss below the $10,000 deductible on the policy, you may be responsible for the entire loss. If a loss occurs in your unit due to something which you are responsible to maintain, then the deductible may be your responsibility.

Be sure to contact your personal insurance agent as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this Master Policy, feel free to contact our agent Glenn Robinson at (949) 487-6131.

Click here for the Certificate of Insurance for 2018-19

Homeowner Letter of Explanation for 2019 Insurance Coverage

The May 2018 Sonata Patio 1 Newsletter is now available.

The Sonata Patio Homes I Association (HOA) Board of Directors (Board) has created a policy for improvement of the common area based upon a request from the Homeowner, Association control of the installation, and the homeowner’s payment of all costs of installation via their own personal funds. These guidelines have been established so that homeowners may have the common areas surrounding their property improved at their own expense, but only by the HOA landscapers in a manner that is approved by the Board. The Homeowner may not make any direct changes to the common area. All approved work shall be performed by the HOA landscape company.

Time to Paint Your Home!

Spring is a great time to paint your home and many of the homes in Sonata 1 could really use a new coat. If you are planning to paint any portion of your home, you should begin by reading Sonata Patio Homes Rules and Regulations (that little lime green booklet). Our CC&Rs allow you to repaint your home with the exact same color scheme without approval of the Board or the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Here is how to do it...

The hardest part is choosing the colors to make your home look beautiful. To make that easier, the Board has approved a paint palette created by the professionals at Sherwin Williams. Just go to the link below from Sherwin Williams and you will see the wide choice of colors available. You can even go to the Sherwin Williams store closest to you and see the colors up close.

Once you have decided on your colors, submit your plan to Mauzy Management via email or postal and the ARC or Board will consider your proposal for approval. If the colors are from the approved paint palette, approval is almost always automatic. One caveat to consider: if your home is painted with colors that do not match the neighborhood, do not assume that you can repaint with those same colors. Any home in violation of either the old approved paint scheme or the newly approved paint palette must immediately conform to the new approved colors.

Sonata Patio Homes 1 Approved Color Palette